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How To Plan A Stress-Free Interstate Move

Moving from one state to another isn’t a walk in a park, especially if you need to carry plenty of things with you. You can imagine the stress you need to face as you start packing all your items and worry about the tedious process to bring them to your new home.

Apart from the items that you need to bring with you, there are plenty of things that you should worry about your move. This includes paperwork, legal documents, moving budget, and transport logistics. You can make it a whole lot easier by starting early on to make sure that you allot enough time for every concern and eventually get everything done

Stress is an inevitable part of moving, but knowing how to tackle it really makes a difference. Here are some tips that’ll make your interstate move more exciting than stressful: 

Hiring A Packing Service

If you don’t have the luxury of time to pack your things, you can easily hire a packing service, wherein a team will arrive at your home and pack everything for you. Apart from the convenience it brings, they’ll also ensure the security and safety of your items by using protective wraps and filler for your fragile items. This process will put your mind at ease, knowing that everything you need to bring is completely safe.  

If you don’t need full packing service, there’s also a partial packing option available wherein you’ll only hand out the things you need them to pack. This can include fragile and oversized items such as a TV, dining table, musical instruments, glass furniture, and more. With a partial packing service, you’ll feel less stressed in worrying about securing the safety of these bulky and delicate items.

Book A Mover

Moving to a different state will require a mover, especially if you’ll need to carry plenty of things to your new home. Unless you’re willing to drive a thousand miles back and forth to bring your stuff with you, one of the best options is to book a mover.

A mover company will arrive at your home and load all the things that you need on their trucks with utmost care. That’ll put everything lighter on your end because you don’t have to worry about the condition of your things as they’re moved to your new home. Moreover, it’ll save you time and energy, for you to focus on other things you need for your new home. 

Consider New Furniture

Unless your furniture carries sentimental value, you might want to consider purchasing a new one instead. That’ll save you the hassle of transporting large items from one state to the other. Just imagine how many large trucks you’ll need to hire, along with how costly they can be. Apart from the inconvenience they can bring from packing and delivering, purchasing a new set might be more beneficial for you. 

As you move into a new home, it would be great to start with fresh new things. It’ll allow you to live a new life with brand-new and sturdier items. As you purchase your new furniture, ensure that you have them delivered to your new home and schedule it on the day of your arrival.  

Pack Early

There’s nothing more stressful than having less than 24 hours to pack all of your belongings inside a box. Apart from the possibility of neglecting to pack important stuff with you, you might rush on packing things and not be able to organize them properly. Additionally, it would be the perfect time to declutter and lessen your stuff before you move out. 

For a stress-free move, you should pack as early as possible. You can begin at least a month before your big move by maximizing every hour of your weekend to sort and pack. Start by packing the contents of a room that’s less used, stay focused on one space at a time, to not overwhelm yourself. If you need more time, you might need to take some time off work so you can arrange other things systematically. 

Organize Items 

No matter how tiring it is to organize everything you need to bring with you, it’ll make unpacking a lot easier as you arrive. The first thing you’d like to happen as you move from one state to another is to allow for a stress-free unpacking, especially since you’re tired from the traveling hours. With that, organized packing would be the best solution for your belongings. 

To organize your items, you should purchase various boxes for different room areas. This can include your clothing, books, utensils, and other things that you need. As you place them securely inside the box, you must label them outside to identify in which specific room should the packages be placed upon unloading. Moreover, you’ll quickly know which boxes will require additional care, so you can keep your fragile items safe as they arrive at your new home.

The Verdict

As you move from one state to another, the last thing you’d want to happen is to miss out on bringing important stuff with you. Apart from the hassle of asking someone to send the item for you, you can waste a good number of hours to use for something more productive. In addition, don’t be afraid to get the most help that you can for packing and moving, to allow you and your family a stress-free move.

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