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Things to do in Orange County for OC Moms

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Planes, Hiking and Adventure at Kite Hill in Laguna Niguel

Looking at Orange County from Kite Hill

I know a super cool place where I can take the kids from time to time and escape life’s daily (understandable) pressures. The kind of pressures we all face like: the unending carpool lane at school, or the mind numbing time spent waiting on the phone for an answer from the insurance company while the kids are in a heated spat. Or the feeling the refrigerator is a bottomless pit and you need to return to the grocery store a third time that week after you work all day, only to have the kids inform you, “Mom, we are OUT of food again!” All of these so-called pressures are small when we compare it to the bigger picture of life: keeping a family together and giving them some “outdoor” exposure to our ever changing world.

As a mother, I love having quick, easy, and potential escape plans for my kids which are P-R-I-C-E-L-E-S-S!

This is why I thought to share this hidden secret because it offers a bit of a different take on quick get-aways! Kite Hill is mother approved, and kid approved area at the AWMA public (Aliso Water Management Agency) right next to the IHOP Restaurant in Laguna Niguel.

What makes it so super COOL?

First, it’s centrally located in a hidden section of Laguna Niguel and offers breathtaking views (NOT too many people know about this place…..shhh shhh!)

Kids Having Fun at OC Parks

Second, it’s the home of many aviator enthusiasts flying remote control planes (sometimes war vintage aircraft) and has an actual small scaled runway.

Kids and American Flag in Orange County

Third, it has new tech quadcopter drones flying over head with aviators whose eyes are completely covered with headsets and can only control the copter with instrument eye vision. Super techy fun stuff!!

Hiking in Orange County

Finally, it’s nestled on five acres of rolling hills with discovery trails that lead you down to the Laguna Niguel Regional Park.

Flying Toy Airplanes at Kite Hill

When visiting, show your kids how important it is to stay on the trail path as to not affect the natural habitat. We can teach and demonstrate to our children the importance of respecting critters and foliage that were there long before any of us was born. I’d expect all local moms to know this already but thought it worth the mention or reminder.

The kids and I spontaneously drive up to this public area of Kite Hill when we feel the need to “let go” and put back a heathy perspective on the table of life. There is something about looking out and seeing our huge vast world, makes us grounded and ready to face our own small problems.

Kite Hill 2

It’s a “take stock” outlook place. With the wind in our hair and the sounds of planes ahead, it brings giddy laughter as we run around (staying cautiously CLEAR of the runway!)

This “Get Away” plan keeps the family unit balanced and happy.

When driving in Laguna Niguel from point A to B make a point to visit on the way to taking the kids to or home from school. Sometimes we visit the hill after IHOP’s carb-loading, sugar surging through our veins “happy face pancakes” (the best!!) We walk off our Cra Cra’s (kids term for Crazies) and re-boot for the day.

My husband loves flying remote control planes and has gotten our family out in the wee hours of the morning to maximize optimal low wind times. He hasn’t flown in a couple of years, but when the kids were younger, we used to bring a picnic breakfast, warm cocoa, beach chairs and cozy blankets to the hill to watch the flights.

Wind Blowing at Kite Hill

We would admire the aero-dynamic flight of each plane while munching on chocolate croissants, and it made for memorable family fun time.

You can walk right up to the aviator enthusiast and put your best ear in and listen to the many harrowing war stories of flying over enemy territory. Much respect goes to all the men and women who fought and served our country and are still protecting our freedom today. You can’t help put feel patriotic and proud standing next to the 16 foot flag pole watching our flag wave.

Kite Hill displays proudly our American Flag whose bright stripes and stars remind us daily of our freedom.

Kite Hill Parking Lot

So when the kids are acting unruly in the car, let the Cra Cra’s OUT by making a pit stop on Kite Hill. They have clean public restrooms and small off shoot trails to explore.

Please be mindful of the aviators at work flying their crafts as their hill is one they honor and respect and they would like you to follow the same suit.

You might find it interesting that the hill drops off at a 10° slope on all three sides. Pretty steep, so set some ground rules with the kids before they jump out of the car.

There are two picnic tables for plane gazers or lunch goers. Parking is set up on each side of the runway. Kite Hill is commonly thought to be named after kites that are flown at parks or the beaches, but this Kite Hill was named after a bird called the Kite Bird that hovers over these exact grounds in search of their next prey.

Flying Airplanes in Orange County

The intersection that is nearest to Kite Hill is Alicia and Aliso Creek Road. Drive South on Alicia towards Aliso Creek and make the first left turn after Aliso Creek on the street named Awma Road. Please remember to drive slowly up the one lane entrance road as it is a 9° slope and when leaving, always give the right away to the vehicle driving UP the hill. We want to leave the aviator enthusiasts feeling happy that our OC families respected and admired their domain.

This 2016 New Year, it’s my family’s desire to explore the many fruits of local museums, parks, and hidden treasures, thanks to the plethora of ideas and kid great proof fun of the OC Mom Blog. I’m not sure I’d have the “GO FOR IT” fortitude or enthusiasm if it weren’t for the exposure of neat mother tested, approved areas of Orange County that are featured on this blog.

Walking along Kite Hill

I keep reminding myself. The mother or father sets the tone/stage for the family by choosing to get outside and seek teachable treasures; whereby the kiddos benefit immensely by gaining insight into each experience.

The kids learn to not “buckle under pressure” and accept the similarities and differences in every aspect of life. When visiting Kite Hill remember to relax and have fun. Adventures are only going to build stronger character in our kids. So here’s to the adventures of 2016! Bring them one and ALL!! See you on the hill!

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  1. Wow what a great writer you have in Colleen! She got me totally inspired to explore a cool new hidden gem with the kids! And I completely agree with getting outdoors to release the Cra cra’s! Her writing is entertaining and relatable!

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