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Planning for birthdays: gifts for your sport-loving teen

As your teen’s birthday draws near, you may be left wondering what you can get them. Chances are that they may already have some of the essentials, such as clothing, a cellphone, and even a computer for their schoolwork. It can sometimes feel difficult to pick a present that shows you care, without simply buying for the sake of it. When your teen has a passion for sports, you may be able to use this to get them a present they’ll love.

Ways to improve their game

If your son or daughter has been playing a certain sport for many years, they may already have the uniform or gear they need to play at a basic level. However, they may have expressed frustration about wanting to improve their game. While there is no quick fix, you could look for something that can allow them to practice even more. A volleyball spike trainer could help your teen to improve their volleyball spikes, something which can make a great difference during a game. You could choose from solo systems that they can use wherever, or even a trainer to be installed at home. They may greatly appreciate you helping them with their favourite game.

A sporting tour

Rather than a physical gift, you could instead consider giving them a wonderful experience. Your teen may have a favourite team who they love or a ground they’d like to visit. It might be possible to purchase a gift voucher for a stadium tour for their birthday. While this might not seem as fun as watching them unwrap a gift, it may be just what they want. In addition to this, it also gives you an opportunity to have a fun day out together experiencing their joy alongside them. You could coincide this with a weekend away, depending on distance, to turn their birthday celebration into a multiday event.

Go for something new

While it can be safe to cater to a sport your teen already enjoys, you may want to think about enabling them to try something new. There may be a number of activities your teen would love to do that their allowance or part-time salary won’t cover. Something like scuba diving could allow them to gain a fantastic new experience exploring the seas. Depending on your budget, you could opt for a taster session, or even get them booked on a course to become a qualified diver. This could not only allow them to be able to dive anywhere, within the guidelines of the course but also help to build their confidence and even potentially give them another activity they enjoy.

Sports and exercise can be great for both mental and physical health. Therefore, you may want to find a way to show your teen that you support what they love. This could help them to improve, or even allow them to gain a new experience that they might use for future activity motivation.


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