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Are You Planning A Relaxing Family Vacation? Here Are Top Ideas To Try This Year

Family vacations are supposed to be relaxing and carefree. There are plenty of things that can cause you to feel stressed, making your trip feel more hectic and fulfilling than it should. Here are some tips to help keep your vacation as relaxed and calm as possible.


Staycation At Home

There are several ways that you can plan a relaxing family vacation. If you have a tight budget or have a limited amount of time to take a vacation, consider a short staycation at home. This is simply taking time off from work or school to do things that you already find enjoyable but without the burden or stress of having to stick to your daily routine. The benefits of a vacation where you don’t have to leave your home also include not having to plan and pack for the length of your vacation trips, trying to consider every accommodation and detail as possible. Additionally, you don’t have to limit yourself to your home but can book a hotel nearby for a quick, but equally relaxed vacation near your home.

Relaxing Escape

Of course, not everyone wants to spend their time off in their home or even in the same city for that matter. You can still plan a relaxing vacation for your family even while in a different country or city. All you have to do is consider the surroundings and amenities of your trip, like a log cabin with a hot tub in Wales or some hot springs or spa nearby, which can help set the mood and atmosphere for relaxation. There are plenty of destinations around the world that can set the tone with a calm setting. You can always find ways to relax regardless of where you decide to escape to. 

Don’t Overschedule Or Structure Yourself

Your relaxing family vacation can take place anywhere, regardless of the destination. Even in extremely hectic and busy metropolitan cities, you can still find ways to relax while on vacation, you just need to be mindful to take your time and not overschedule yourself. You can still plan your days with plenty of activities, but also give yourself and your family some downtime to spend in the hotel, or a more relaxing environment, and not feel pressured to make the next event time. Not abiding by any structured plans also gives you more flexibility to move at your own pace and allows you to be free to change things as you see fit. 

Relaxing Activities

In addition to relaxed planning to offset your vacation plans and activities, you can also include activities that aren’t physically and mentally demanding either. Spas and massages are great but are not the only activities that can be relaxing. This is all preferential, depending on the person. Movie marathons, video games, or reading books can be just as relaxing and don’t require you to book venues and places in advance. Ultimately, you want to tailor your vacation to what you and your family will find enjoyable, and this will easily allow them to destress and relax in their own way.



It may feel counterintuitive to be more active to try and find some relaxation time, but a hiking trip is a perfect way to calm yourself. Getting away from the hustle and bustle of a busy city and the daily grind, hiking can be another method of slowing down, moving at your own pace, and finding a quiet time to reflect during a hike where it is just your family and nature. In addition to moving at your own pace, you can always stop with a pack full of food for a quiet meal, focusing on your relationship and connection as a family. You don’t have to be doing anything to be relaxed, just find ways to free your mind from what is causing you tension.

Ordering Food Or Eating Out

One last way to stay relaxed on vacation is to consider what to do for meals. The simple idea is to just eat out or order food. Avoid cooking as this can easily be stressful as you have to take time and energy to prepare meals. While on vacation, set aside a room in your budget to accommodate your favorite foods, splurging a bit to feed your family and your soul so that you don’t have to stress about another thing.

Planning ahead of time is the best way to not have to worry and stress about issues during your vacation. The extra effort you take to be prepared will ensure that you have little to stress about when it comes to your time off when all you should be focused on is your enjoyment.

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