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Things to do in Orange County for OC Moms

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Play for Free on Tuesdays at Irvine Regional Park’s Farmers Market

Every Tuesday morning, Cecile Wight takes her two active boys to the Irvine Regional Park playground to burn off their energy and buy produce at the Irvine Regional Park’s farmers market. Not only does Cecile cleverly hide the vegetables in the dinners she makes for her kids, but she also juices for a friend who has cancer. Best of all, Cecile loves how vibrant the market fruits and vegetables taste. “You can tell the difference when the produce is fresh.”

Cecile buys most of her produce from the Ray Ranch stand because the family run farm is certified organic. While packing bags and weighing, Cathy Ray offers advice about how to use various fruits and vegetables in recipes and tells stories about her sixteen years of farm life with her six kids.

“I like selling heathy, organic fruits and veggies to families.” Cathy says. “At this market I get a chance to converse with more stay-at-home moms like myself.”

Heading back home with her arms full of food and her tired kids trailing behind her, Cecile waves at Michi Ward, who organizes the farmer’s market when she’s not busy running her own small farm.

“Hard to believe that before I started working here, I never knew about this market,” Michi says. “Now I can’t wait for my peaceful time here with other farmers, heathy vendors and the families who buy food, play and picnic under these beautiful sycamore trees.”

Free park admission when visiting Irvine Regional Park’s farmers market on Tuesdays between 9 am-1 pm.

By Kristine Carter

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