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Pop-Up Disney! A Mickey Celebration at Downtown Disney

We visited Pop-Up Disney! A Mickey Celebration as a guest of Disney

The all-new Pop-Up Disney! A Mickey Celebration is an Instagrammers dream come true. The Disneyland Resort recognizes how much Disney lovers enjoy capturing memorable photos, and they created the ultimate Disney photo Pop-Up at Downtown Disney District.

Pluto exhibit at the Pop-Up Disney! A Mickey Celebration

Creative photography is one of my favorite hobbies, and I was thrilled to attend a sneak peek of Pop-Up Disney! A Mickey Celebration at Downtown Disney. The minute that I arrived at the Downtown Disney District, I couldn’t wait to experience the Pop-Up.

Starbucks at Downtown Disney

I brought one of my dearest friends along with me who also shares a love for photography, and we started our visit at the Downtown Disney District by sipping on a refreshing ice tea from Starbucks. We caught up on what we had missed since the last time we have gotten together while waiting for our time to experience the Pop-Up.

Waiting room at the Pop-Up Disney! A Mickey Celebration

Finally, it was time for our scheduled time to experience Pop-Up Disney! A Mickey Celebration. We checked in at the front desk and were guided into a plush waiting room. In the waiting room, there are comfortable couches, interactive stations to keep the kids busy and some fun photo opportunities.

When it was time for our group to begin the experience a friendly guide brought us to the first room.

Mickey love at the Pop-Up Disney! A Mickey Celebration

In the first room, it is all about love. There is an adorable Minnie Mouse bow couch to capture a photo, a wall where you can blow a kiss, and fun giant yellow ears to pretend are on your head. My favorite was the love wall that is all about the love that Mickey and Minnie share for one another.

Steamboat Willie Room at the Pop-Up Disney! A Mickey Celebration

Then, in the second room, you’ll become immersed into the world of Steamboat Willie. The black and white room has a photo opportunity featuring the boat the Mickey loves to take out to sea, a giant wall of mini Mickey Mouse plush, and you’ll be able to fly high in the sky with Mickey in his plane. (Take a moment to look at the plush wall and see if you can spot the one Minnie Mouse plush!)

Daisy Duck at the Pop-Up Disney! A Mickey Celebration

After a black and white Disney dream, we again entered into a world full of Disney love. The next room featured a beautiful wall where all your favorite Disney friends are holding hands, Pluto’s dog house and a Daisy Duck topiary with a love mural in the background. For those visiting with their grumpy teenage boys who might not be into Pop-Up experiences, this is where you can capture their personality in front of a fun grumpy Mickey Mouse mural.

Fantastia at the Pop-Up Disney! A Mickey Celebration

Next, it’s time to light up the magic. Your family will walk through a magical lighted tunnel to discover The Sorcerer’s Apprentice lighting up the room with magical twinkling stars. I recommend sitting on the floor and listening to the music for a few minutes while admiring the lights twinkling on the wall.

Mexico at the Pop-Up Disney! A Mickey Celebration

After having a magical spell of happiness cast upon us, we were transported into my favorite country, Mexico. I felt like it was just another Sunday evening dancing on the streets with our friends in Merida while in the room. Next door, we were able to get a little taste of Asia.

Silver Mickey Mouse at the Pop-Up Disney! A Mickey Celebration

Once we had visited a land far far away, we entered a mirror tunnel that transported us back to Anaheim where we had one last interaction with Mickey Mouse, and then celebrated our journey in a festive room.

If you have children who enjoy searching for hidden Mickey’s, there are a select number of hidden Minnie Mouse’s in each room. Have fun seeing if you can spot them all.

The Pop-Up Disney! A Mickey Celebration is an immersive experience that your family will never forget, and will have fun capturing photos along the way. The limited-time Pop-Up opens this Friday, and is only here at the Disneyland Resort for a limited-time. Tickets are currently available online.

Pop-Up Disney! A Mickey Celebration at Disneyland

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