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The Most Popular Types of Gambling Among Women

The gambling industry is a booming business, with many people taking part in some form of betting whether it be on horses, sports teams, or even lotteries nowadays. It’s no secret that men make up the majority of gamblers in the industry, but women also have their fair share of gambling moments. In fact, there are many types of gambling popular among women such as casino games (like slot machines), bingo halls, and raffles. However, what type of gambling do they prefer?

The answer may actually surprise you because it’s not what you expect! A recent study found that nearly one-third of all female gamblers prefer playing online while only 13% enjoy going to casinos in person. This makes sense because these days we can gamble from our own homes without having to worry about being seen or judged by anyone. The most popular types of gambling among women are listed below for you to read.


Poker is a well-known casino game that most have heard of or have at least seen in movies once or twice. Even some of your favorite actors and actresses are professional poker players, which just further goes to show the impact of the game on the world at large and how fun it is to play. The possibility of playing poker in an online casino has now become a reality with many online casinos providing live poker games through the use of webcams and live dealers. You can choose among many different casinos, with Casino Secret being one of the top rated online casinos. They are as fun as physical casinos, and the comfort of your home is a bonus.

The reason why poker tournaments are a favorite among female gamblers is that they have now become a lot more accessible to women in pubs and bars. Above and beyond that, there are a lot more women who are bringing home big titles as well which has led to its overall success.

Betting on horses

Many are completely unaware of how betting on horses is probably hands down the most popular gambling activity among women. The reason why this is is because of the success that many find from betting on horses. What is horse betting? Well, horse betting is when you stake your money on a horse and if the horse comes in first place, the bet is a winner. The reason why it is so fun is that the odds of winning are a lot higher than other forms of gambling as all it requires is for you to do your research and bet on the horse that you think has the highest odds of winning the race at the end of the day.

Betting on sports

When it comes to betting on sports, which is renowned throughout the world as a form of gambling, football is the most popular sport among women to play. The reason why they bet on sports is that it is perhaps one of the most fun and entertaining ways to gamble and can be done with their partners or even in a group. In terms of how it is done, you essentially place a bet on what you assume the outcome of a sports game, such as football, will be. Women find this form of betting fun as it allows them to raise the equilibrium between the equality of men and women in gambling and it also allows them to express the knowledge they have on the sport.

Slot machines and lotteries

Women also enjoy when they gamble on slot machines as it can be done both in physical casinos and virtual casinos. In terms of how it works, the entirety of the game is based on luck with very little skill needed which also adds to the overall entertainment of the game.

Bingo games

When it comes to bingo games, they have definitely become increasingly popular over the last few decades as well in recent years, especially among older females who may or may not be able to travel or go out as much anymore because they’re retired or otherwise disabled in terms of their mobility.

As you can evidently see, gambling amongst women is not a new thing and it is clear to see that women have made an effort to penetrate most forms of gambling, especially the ones that benefit them the most!

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