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Postnatal Cosmetic Procedures Are More Varied Than Ever

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) has reported that there is a higher demand than ever before for post-natal cosmetic procedures, commonly known as ‘mommy makeovers’. The term is used to describe a combination of procedures which, together, ‘contour’ the body and help to create a new shape. If, in the past, these makeovers were usually centered on the abdominal area (with ‘tummy tucks’ being the main procedure opted for), today, patients are considering various procedures, some of which they may have desired to have prior to their pregnancy.

A Myriad of Possible Procedures

The ASPS has stated that there are around six possible procedures involved in a mommy makeover. These include many of the procedures experienced in a typical ‘bikini package’—namely, breast augmentation/breast lift, buttock augmentation, a tummy tuck, and liposuction. Often, various procedures are carried out in a single stage, in order for patients to undergo just one ‘downtime’ experience as opposed to two or more. As stated by these San Francisco liposuction specialists, fat removal is typically not the end-goal but rather, part of the process of autologous fat transfer. Under this procedure, fat is removed from one area (such as the flanks, thighs, or tummy area) and reinjected into another (for instance, the breasts, to lend greater harmony to the breast area) or the hips to complement butt lift surgery.

Intimate Surgery Goes Beyond Labiaplasty

Another procedure that often forms part of a mommy makeover is intimate surgery, which can comprise surgical operations such as labiaplasty and/or vaginal tightening. Labiaplasty is often chosen to reduce the size of labia minora (the flaps of skin that surround the vaginal opening). Vaginoplasty, meanwhile, can aid those who have stretched vaginal tissue or muscles caused by birth. Through surgical tightening, patients can recover self-confidence and feel sexual pleasure, which may have decreased owing to stretching. Two other procedures that are increasingly popular are clitoral hood reduction and perineoplasty. The latter repairs the area between the vagina and the anus, which can be torn or otherwise damaged during childbirth. Sometimes, tears can heal perfectly well. At other times, they can lead to excess scar tissue formation, which can cause pain and discomfort. Perineal issues may also lead to vagina laxity, changes in bowel habits, itching, and trigger points in the vagina.

Episiotomy Revision

In some cases, women are requesting episiotomy revision surgery. An episiotomy is sometimes relied upon to increase the vaginal opening, so the baby can come through more quickly. If an episiotomy has healed poorly or if it is not stitched optimally, it can cause pain and discomfort. In some cases, sexual intercourse or even tampon insertion can become painful and in others, knots or other structures can form.

A woman’s body can undergo many experiences that can cause pain and discomfort, and these issues can be addressed via the appropriate surgical procedure. Of course, many new moms are taking advantage of the post-baby stage to have a makeover, sometimes opting for procedures they may have been interested in for a long time. Whether cosmetic or health reasons are behind this phenomenon, there is no doubt that it is making strides, and it promises to do so for many years to come.



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