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The Powerful Women of Wakanda in Black Panther

We visited as a guest of Disney

The morning after seeing the all-new film, Black Panther, I was given a unique opportunity of meeting with the cast. The film was so phenomenal, and a true cinematic masterpiece, that I was eager to sit down with the cast to hear more about what it was like making the film. The first thing we talked about was how amazing the film turned out. Lupita Nyong’o said, “I’d been waiting a long time for this. I was just so excited, because this was a movie that we all felt a lot of ownership of, and that we thoroughly enjoyed making.”

The movie had been trying to be made for such a long time and it was the Director Ryan Coogler who ended up being the one to bring the film to life. “It’s not something I ever imaged would happen. It’s good to work with my mentor and some friends I’ve made through the process,” said Coogler.

Michael B. Jordan (who plays the role of Erik Killmonger) gives an impressive performance. He shared with us what it was like seeing the film for the first time at the premiere for him and his family. When he sat down in the theater with his family and saw the reaction of the audience, he said, “This is what it feels like. I couldn’t describe the feeling. It has a really good balance, and everybody did amazing jobs in their performances. It was an incredible night.”

The one thing that I loved about the film was all the strong female roles. Angela Bassett gave a stellar performance in the film and she said, “I think in this story, it highlights the queen, the warrior, the general – the young sister. I was so proud to have my daughter, and my son there last night at the premiere, because in their faces, and in their spirit – and they were feeling themselves. And they stood taller after last night.” Danai Gurira added by saying, “When Ryan sat me down and talked to me about his vision, and the story, and the characters, and the women, I was just floored, because you don’t actually get to hear that often. You don’t actually get to hear that often. You don’t actually get sat down and hear that type of a vision. And then it embodied with us being on the continent, women from the continent, but very developed, very complex. It was amazing. I mean, it was just like, this is going to – like, this is something else – like, I just want to watch it. I get to be in it?”

One of the most powerful scenes in the film was when Gurira’s character Okoye tears off her wig before kicking some butt. Gurira said, “This pride around it, and this sort of embracing of this – this sort of symbol of power in these women. And then beauty of how he wrote that moment – I loved that moment where she like, doesn’t want a wig. She doesn’t want to cover up. This is her joy, and her pride, is in walking in with that – with that bald head with that tattoo on it. You know. And I was like – who – and that was like, it was so subversive, you know, and it’s so subversive in the right way, to say – we – that’s not – be – that’s necessarily beauty. You don’t have to have hair to be beautiful.”

“There’s so many great things I could say about how Ryan developed these women characters, and allowed us to collaborate – that I’m just – I feel really blessed about, and excited.” Danai Gurira.

Don’t miss seeing the Wakanda steal the show in Black Panther this Friday!

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