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How to Prepare for a Fun Road Trip with the Kids

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Most kids absolutely love to go on a road trip and are super excited to head off to explore new places. Taking a road trip as a family can seem like a daunting prospect and can be a little more challenging than taking a trip without kids. While there is the potential for things to become a little chaotic, that does not mean your family road trip cannot be loads of fun. To ensure that every member of the family has the best time on your trip, it is a good idea to plan ahead. Preparing for your adventure on the road is the best way to ensure it is enjoyable for everyone. Here are some top tips to make sure you have a fun road trip packed with special memories:

Get Your Vehicle Ready

Preparing your vehicle ready for your road trip is one of the single most important things you can do before you head off on your adventure. It is a good idea to visit an auto repair shop to get your car checked over before your trip, especially if you are going to be covering a lot of miles through remote areas. Breaking down in the middle of nowhere is something you don’t want to happen at any time, but especially when you are traveling with kids. Having your car checked over should help to spot any major problems so you can get them repaired before you head off on your trip. It is also helpful to check that you have items such as a spare tire and jumper cables, even though you hopefully won’t need to use them.

Once your car is checked over and ready for the trip, all you need to do is to fill up with gas before your adventure begins.

Plan Your Route

While a spontaneous trip that simply follows where the road takes you is a lot of fun pre-kids, it is a good idea to plan your route in advance once you have little ones. Unless you have an RV, you are going to need to think about practical things such as places where the kids can stop to use the bathroom and areas that you can stop for them to eat. Planning your route will help you to factor in rest stops into your trips and will also enable you to see where you can stop to fill up with gas.

The kids will love helping to plan your route, and this will help them to look forward to the trip even more as they will feel part of the planning process. Planning your route with the kids is also an excellent way to help them understand more about maps and travel. Doing some research in advance on the best places to visit along the way will help ensure you make the most of the areas you pass through. Planning ahead will also make it easier for you to take the most scenic route on your trip to take in plenty of natural beauty along the way.

Choose Where to Stay

If you are going to be traveling on your trip for more than a day, you will need to think about where you will stay overnight. Maybe you are planning to camp out under the stars, or perhaps you prefer the comfort of staying in a hotel. If you are planning to stay in a hotel, it is best to book in advance rather than hope that there will be room availability when you arrive. Driving around in the dark searching for a hotel with tired kids in the back of the car is not going to be much fun, so booking in advance is a good idea.

If you plan to camp out, don’t forget to check that your tent and other equipment are all still in good order before you head off. Making sure your equipment is complete and ready to use will prevent any last-minute panic when trying to pitch your tent ready to settle down for the night.

Pack Carefully

There is nothing worse than being miles away from home and suddenly realizing that you have forgotten something. Trying to pack with kids around can be pretty stressful and can be a big distraction which makes it easier to forget to pack something you really need accidentally. To ensure you don’t leave anything you need behind, it is a wise idea to write down a packing list and to check it off before you go to make sure you have everything you need for your trip.

Don’t forget to pack essential items that you may need to use in an emergency. It is always helpful to have items such as a first aid kit, flashlight, and bottled water with you just in case it is needed.

Rather than putting all of your bags in the trunk, it is helpful to keep a smaller bag with you. You could put snacks and drinks for the kids in your smaller bag so that you don’t need to stop each time someone is hungry or thirsty. It is also a good idea to place an extra sweater for the kids in the bag in case they get cold on the journey so that they stay comfortable.

Keep the Kids Entertained

Keeping kids entertained on long car journeys is something that many parents struggle with, but this is heightened on a road trip. Keeping your little ones entertained on the road trip may seem like a difficult challenge, but, luckily, there are many ways to keep them occupied while you travel. If the kids enjoyed helping to plan the route for your trip, you might want to get them interested in the fascinating things they will see along the way so that they can look out for them. Discovering some new travel games that you can bring along with you is also a great idea to prevent kids from getting bored and ensure that they have fun.

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