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What to Prepare When Moving House

Moving house can be a very exciting time, but there are also plenty of things to think about, plan and consider in order help the process go as smoothly as possible. From packing properly to redecorating and preparing for the new owners, the list of tasks can seem endless. Whether you are just about to lock the door for the last time, or are just putting your home up for sale, here are a couple of things to consider when you are moving house.


One of the most important and laborious tasks is packing up your belongings in preparation to move them. It is important to do this properly, so as not to damage or break anything, and to make it as simple as possible to unpack at your new place. Using the correct materials can go a long way to preserving your items, so make sure you choose sturdy boxes that aren’t going to rip or tear. If you are not using a removal company, or you have a period of time between leaving your current home and moving into your new one, then renting a storage unit can provide you with a safe and secure environment in which to store your belongings. Some tips for using self-storage when moving include making sure everything is dry and clean before you leave it in storage, as well as choosing the correct size and type of unit to fit your requirements.


It is of course important to clean your home fully before you move out. This helps to maintain the property and make it look good for the new owners, especially if they are not moving in right away. Using a professional cleaning company is a good idea, as they are the experts in this area and may have tools and products that you don’t. However, there are a couple of basic things you can do to help get your home ready to leave. These include cleaning areas where hygiene is especially important, such as the kitchen and bathroom, as well as any furniture or furnishings that are not coming with you. Don’t forget about the exterior of the house too, such as the drains, guttering and windows.


Before you even chose to put your house up for sale, it can help to take a look at any areas that need attention. Houses obviously receive a lot of wear and tear, and there are certain areas, such as entryways, that experience the most. Even just a fresh coat of paint can make the walls look cleaner and new, and this can also help to make your home look larger and lighter.

This is why many people choose to paint their homes in lighter tones when they decide to move, and it can also increase the value of your home. Again, don’t forget about the outdoor areas, such as doors, window ledges and fencing, as these all affect the curb appeal of your home and can impact the value.

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