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Preserving Your Kid’s Photos with Google Photos


Shelby's Kids

Ever since switching from an iPhone to a Droid, I have been struggling with how to preserve my cell phone images. Since I am a busy mom, I am always using my cellphone to capture all my favorite memories with my children, and I don’t want to risk losing them in the event of something happening to my cell phone.

Like many busy moms, I, of course, put off figuring how to backup my photos until I received a notification on my Samsung Galaxy S7 that there was not any more room to take more photos. I started doing my research and learned that all of my photos were already backed-up to the Verizon Cloud along with my contacts, videos, and music. I was so grateful in knowing that Verizon thinks of everything, including backing up my photos for me. While doing my research, I also learned about how Google Photos is also an excellent way to backup images (it can’t hurt to have them backed up in more than more place).

Picture of Ella in Mexico

The best part about using Google Photos is that once they are backed up, you can free up space on your cell phone device with a click of the button. Google will delete the photos from your phone, once they have been backed up if you choose to select ‘free up space’ in the app.

Backing up my photos for the first time was super easy. There was already the Google Photos app downloaded on my Samsung Galaxy S7, and I was able to select whether to have my photos backed up on wifi or when using my Verizon Wireless data. I can then access all my photos through the Google app or on my laptop. I loved the backup service so much that I set-up the images on my computer to also be backed up to Google Photos along with iCloud.


Now, whenever I get the notification that my Samsung Galaxy S7 is running out of space, I go into the app and select ‘free-up photo space.’ I have the peace of mind that while the photos are being deleted from my device, they are safely backed-up with Google Photos and the Verizon Cloud.

Google Images to back-up photos

Finding old images is made simple with Google Photos because they chronicle them by date. I can just scroll to the date of a photo I am searching, and find it within minutes. When setting up your new Verizon Wireless cell phone, make sure and set-up Google Photos as an excellent way to preserve your family memories.

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