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Things to do in Orange County for OC Moms

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Pretend City on Martin Luther King Day


This Past Martin Luther King day, Pretend City hosted a celebration in honor of Dr. King and his legacy. The theme was friendship and love, and children were able to explore all kinds of hands on activities such as crafts that highlighted the similarities and differences of various cultures.

Children have so much freedom to use their imaginations at Pretend City so this past MLK day I took my own kids there to enjoy a day of endless fun!


 There is a huge room in the back of the museum that is perfect for babies and toddlers. It is filled with soft mats, tunnels to crawl though, and lots of exciting sensory toys! They had giant Lego’s that my daughter loved stacking and her big brother  got in on the fun too! We are teaching her how to count so she loved counting out the numbers as she built a tower with these fun blocks.


 They also had some hopscotch mats that were perfect for our counting theme. She enjoyed putting the number of Lego blocks on the corresponding numbers.


There is also a fun tunnel in the rooms that kids can crawl through, or soft mats that they can climb on. It was so spacious in there and my daughter had so much room  to get her energy out.


Moms are able to sit on the floor and watch their kids play safely in this contained room. IMG_4251

If your kids like the beach there is an area that has a sand pit with buckets, and shovels. The mural on the wall really makes you feel like you are by the ocean and they have cute Adirondack chairs for parents to sit in and watch their kids build sand castles.


For kids who love cars and automobiles there are several opportunities for them to pretend they are working in the field. They have everything from a pretend police car, a gas station to fill up at, a fire truck, and even a construction site. There is even a farming section where kids can pluck oranges and apples off of trees and collect them in a basket. Or plant carrots in the soil using various tools.  The best part  is that kids get a time stamp card that they can stamp after performing certain duties at different stations. They even get paid fake money.

There is also a performance stage that my daughter absolutely loved. They have a ton of dress up clothing and musical instruments that the kids can use to put on a show!


Water play is also a big hit at pretend city. They have several water tables that little ones can splash at, or go fishing with a fishing rod. They provide waterproof aprons as well so that your kids clothing does not get wet. The gorgeous mural on the wall really makes you feel like you are at a Marina.


After we finished shopping at the pretend grocery store and eating lunch at the pretend “Daphnes” we headed over to the art room for a little painting. They have large glass easels where kids can paint directly on them. On this particular day since it was MLK day, kids created a wreath of hands and were also able to write or draw pictures of their dreams on clouds. It was a fun way to engage them and explain to them all about Martin Luther King and his legacy.

For more information about pretend city and their events please visit or visit them on Facebook or Twitter

Disclosure: We were provided with complimentary passes. All thoughts and opinions are of our own.
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