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Preventing Scarring After a Breast Surgery

I am a CosmetiCare Ambassador

Preventing Scarring after breast surgery

One of the biggest concerns that I had following my mastopexy (breast lift) with Doctor Niccole at CosmetiCare was the scarring. A mastopexy is a lot more invasive than a breast augmentation, but both surgeries have incisions that need to be treated to preventing scarring following the surgery.

Gel to prevent scarring after breast surgery

The day that I got my Steri-Strips off my incisions, the nurse talked to me about the different options that I had to prevent scarring. The first thing that she recommended was that I use Silagen gel twice a day on my incisions. She told me that it is important to use a product that is made with 100% pure silicone gel to help prevent the scarring.

Silagen Breast Kit

Along with using the Silagen twice a day, she recommended that I apply Silagen self-adhesive silicone gel sheeting every night. Some women use both products or just one, but since I wanted to be as proactive as possible, I purchased both products from CosmetiCare.

At first, my incisions were a little sensitive to touch, and I had my husband help with applying the gel. After a couple of days of healing, it became less tender to touch the incisions.

Applying Kayo Skin Cream

I had done some research on my own about preventing scarring after a breast surgery, and one product that a lot of women were talking about using was Kayo daily remodeling serum. It is a face grade body cream that helps to heal your skin. Along with the Silagen gel, I have been using the Kayo cream twice a day.

I am about eight weeks post op now, and my incisions are healing nicely. The scarring is minimal, but Doctor Niccole recommended that I have a laser treatment done to fully erase the lines from my nipple to the bottom of my breasts.

I am going to start my first of three laser treatments next week and will be sharing my experience with you over the next couples of weeks.

If you have just had a mastopexy or breast augmentation, here is the breakdown of my daily scaring preventative treatment:

After showering in the morning:
1. Apply Kayo cream (let dry)
2. Apply Silagen gel

In the afternoon:
Apply Silagen gel

Before bed:
1. Clean your breasts
2. Apply Kayo cream (let dry)
3. Apply Silagen gel sheets

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  1. I do not have a history of healing well after a cut or burn. Dermalmd scar serum is so amazing! Worked actual miracles on my breast augmentation scars. After less than a month they were basically invisible. 4 weeks after starting use I saw my surgeon and he could not believe the results.


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