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The Primo Water Way to Hydrate Your Skin From Within

Best Home Water Filtration System

This is a sponsored post on behalf of Primo® water.

One of the biggest questions that I get asked is, “how does your skin look so good?”

It has only been a little over a year that I have been frequently asked that question, and there is only one answer. Hydration. For most of my life, I had terrible skin. My skin was always dry, and I saw premature signs of aging at a very young age.

One day, I looked in the mirror and noticed that I had so many wrinkles and didn’t look or feel my best. After talking with a close friend, she recommended that I start drinking more water. As a busy mom, it can be hard to get all the required cups of water needed in our daily diet, and I don’t really like the taste of water, but I pushed through and started drinking a lot of water.

It took my body about a week to adjust to a large amount of water I was drinking. Slowly, I started drinking less coffee and soda. Before I knew it, I was only drinking water. Plus, if I did not get enough water, my body would crave it. By the end of the day, if I did not consume enough water, I would find myself drinking a lot to catch-up.

The result was amazing. Within a couple of months, I had taken ten years off my face. Plus, it helped with a tremendous amount of weight loss. I found that water has many healing properties that I never knew. I was able to stop using facial injections, and my skin looks flawless, all because of the power of water.

With water being one of the primary staples in my diet, I have also made it a priority in my kids’ diets too. I am always encouraging them to drink plenty of water, especially with us living in sunny Southern California. One thing that has helped to encourage my children to drink more water is to purchase high-quality water.

Many might argue that water all tastes the same, but it does not. If you drink water as much as me, you’ll be able to taste the difference between tap, filtered, and bottled water with your eyes closed.

For the past year, I have been purchasing water from a local water brewery. We love the taste of the water, but the cost is expensive, and the large glass jugs are hard for my children to pour. I was looking for a quick, convenient, and easy way for our family to drink water when I learned about the Primo water in-home dispensers.

Kid at Glacier Water Refill Station

Many of my friends have a dispenser in their homes, and it makes getting fresh, quality water simple. When the Primo in-home water dispenser arrived, my younger son was thrilled. He loves drinking water and couldn’t wait for me to set it up. While I was folding laundry, he surprised me by setting it up in our kitchen. The dispenser is so simple to set-up that a 13-year-old was able to do it.

Mom and Child Getting Primo Water at Local Albertsons

Once he set up the dispenser for me, it was time for the two of us to go to our local Albertsons to fill up our 5-gallon water Primo refillable water bottles. Our local store features a Glacier refill station, which is the same company as Primo. Again, it was so simple to fill up the water bottles, and the non-spill cap was helpful for a clumsy mom like me. Within minutes, we were back in the car and on our way home to begin drinking the Primo water that has gone through a multi-step purification process.

Kids at Primo Water Refill Station

From the moment that we tasted the water, we were in love. Primo water goes through a multi-step purification process that includes reverse osmosis removing chlorine, bacteria and parasites, heavy metals and other contaminants giving you highly purified water that tastes delicious! Our family drank an entire 5-gallon bottle on the first day. That is more water than we have ever consumed as a family. My teenage boys love the water and our Bottom Loading Water Dispenser so much that they begged me to get one for their gaming room, so I ordered a second water dispenser for our home.

Primo Water System Refill Station

Primo Water Bottles

For families with younger children, the Primo water dispensers feature a red child safety lock to prevent hot water from accidentally dispensing. Plus, you can turn off the hot water temperature control at the back of the unit. The only hesitation that I had about getting an in-home water dispenser is that I only like cold water. The Primo water dispenser took that hesitation away from me instantly because it dispenses both hot and cold ice-cold water – just the way I love it!

Keeping Kids Healthy with Water

Make caring for your skin and your body a priority in the New Year by drinking plenty of water. The Primo water dispenser makes this simple, and you’ll find yourself falling in love with drinking water and loving the way it feels to have a fully hydrated body.

Plus, you’ll be helping to keep the environment clean for generations to come by not adding more plastic bottles to the landfills! Drink Big. Drink Healthy. Find the Primo water dispenser that best suits your family online. And don’t forget to sign up for text messaging to receive a 20% off coupon code + free shipping on your purchase.

This is a sponsored post on behalf of Primo water.

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