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Princesses Debut Their ‘Comfy Clothes’ in Ralph Breaks the Internet

I attended the interview as a guest of Disney

One of my favorite scenes in the upcoming film “Ralph Breaks the Internet” is the Oh My Disney sequence that features all our favorite Disney Princesses in their ‘comfy clothes.’ Last August, while in Los Angeles I had the opportunity to talk with co-writer Pamela Ribon, Ami Thompson (art director, characters) and Kira Lehtomaki (head of animation) about the inspiration for the scene.

While working on the film, it was in the back of their minds of ‘Why isn’t Vanellope, a princess?’ They thought it might be fun to have Disney poke fun of themselves so they thought that if Vanellope met all the Disney Princesses and took a selfie with them, that it might break the internet.

When Pamela Ribon finished writing the scene, she had a little panic attack. She was worried that she might end up getting fired or she thought that something really big was going to happen – she just had a feeling. She presented it to the team, and Director Rich Moore said to her, “Do you think we can get away with this?” They decided to put it in for the first screening to see how it goes!

They ended up getting an overwhelmingly positive response to the scene, so they decided to go forward with making the sequence in the film.

When it came to creating their ‘comfy clothes’ it was a very fun and exciting part of the project. At one point they thought of putting them in pajamas, but they thought it would look too relaxed, so they decided to have the princesses in their ‘comfy clothes.’

As your family watches the hilarious princess scene in Ralph Breaks the Internet, you’re going to want to pay close attention to the princesses shirts. The entire team unleashed their creativity in designing each princesses shirt and one of my favorites in Cinderella’s shirt that has the letters GTG which means ‘Got to Go.’

Your family is going to love watching Disney poke fun of themselves in the scene in Ralph Breaks in the Internet in theaters starting November 21st. Learn more about Ralph Breaks the Internet online, Facebook, and Instagram.

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