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How To Properly Deal With Being Accused Of A Crime You Didn’t Commit

Criminals will always exist in every society. This is one of the reasons why the justice system has been set up to put them behind bars and keep the community as safe as possible. However, there are situations where a person is falsely accused of a crime and could face possible jail time. If you’re in this situation, you must take some vital steps to avoid being punished over a false allegation. It’s very easy to make the wrong move and further implicate yourself enough for a judge to find you guilty. Here are some tips to keep in mind.

Don’t make any statements

Saying that you have the right to remain silent while trying to effect an arrest is not just for the sake of formality. This is a right that you should uphold, especially when you’re being accused of a crime you didn’t commit. It’s important not to make any statement as whatever you say to a law enforcement officer can be used against you after your arrest. We can all agree that emotions would be high at that moment, especially as you’re trying to grasp the implication of going to prison for a crime you didn’t commit. Therefore, whatever you say in a fit of rage or pain can be misinterpreted to make you look guilty, and that won’t help your case in any way. It’s crucial to cooperate with the officers without being rude to them. Tell them calmly that you would prefer to speak to your lawyer before anything. As much as possible, try to keep this case from social media, friends, and family. 

Hire a skilled criminal defense lawyer

As soon as you have been falsely accused of a crime, hire a skilled criminal defense attorney to increase your chances of winning the case. Do it as soon as possible to ensure that this professional gets to work early and puts together a credible defense strategy. Simply stating that you’re innocent is not enough to keep you out of being convicted. A properly trained criminal defense lawyer will review the circumstances surrounding your arrest and guide you on the proper steps to take. 

Never confront your accusers

Just as you are not meant to make any statements without your attorney present, you shouldn’t confront your accusers alone. If they are fully aware that you’re innocent of this crime, it would be the perfect opportunity to bait you into saying something terrible. You can’t predict how an altercation with your accusers will go. However, you can be sure that it will not help you prove your innocence but only add to your woes. Therefore, only follow the counsel of a professional lawyer who would go through legal means to deal with this false accusation. 

Make your move before you’re charged

At this stage, you’re still being accused of a crime, but you haven’t been charged with one just yet. Therefore, as soon as you realize that you have been falsely accused, you should act as quickly as possible. Acting fast will save you from making the wrong move as you wouldn’t have the experience to deal with this professionally. This is one of the areas a competent criminal defense lawyer will be helpful. This professional will discuss your case with the police and take all the necessary steps to ensure that the situation doesn’t escalate to being charged with a crime. 

Always ask for a search warrant


According to the fourth amendment, you’re allowed to resist unreasonable searches. This means that law enforcement officers or the police are not allowed to search you or your property without following due process. In this case, that would be obtaining a search warrant that gives them the right to ransack you or your property. If you were faced with a situation where the police ask to search your property, insist on seeing a search warrant first before surrendering to this. This would be a document duly signed by a judge and stating that they have the permission to carry out this search. It would be disastrous to try to destroy any evidence that you think would make you look bad. Therefore, even if you have been falsely accused of a crime, submit to this search if there is a search warrant. 

No doubt about it, being falsely accused of a crime has ruined many lives and could have a severe impact on both you and your loved ones. So, start by following these guidelines to save yourself the trauma associated with this situation.

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