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How to Properly Move On After a Breakup

It’s often said that love is the only thing in life worth living for. It’s also one of the few things in life which can make or break you. Love has a way of making people feel vulnerable, and when it goes wrong, it doesn’t take much to shatter our sense of self-worth. But while breakups are difficult, sometimes even devastating, they’re also an inevitable part of life, and there’s no getting away from them entirely. So how should we deal with them? How do we cope with this giant blow to our happiness? The answer isn’t always easy. Everyone copes differently depending on their personality type, circumstances, and needs at the time. However, there is some general advice which seems to help most people. So here’s how you can begin to move on after a breakup and get yourselves back on track.

Set Yourself Some Goals and Take it One Day at a Time

As difficult as this may be, try not to think too far into the future. If you start focusing on time scales such as weeks or months, instead of thinking about if your ex wants you back, then your mind will inevitably wander towards worrying about what might happen in that timeframe, whether it’s where you’re going with your life, what other relationships are yet to come, etc. This way of thinking is only going to cause stress, anxiety, and depression. Instead, focus on getting through each day until tomorrow comes around.

We all know that breaking up is hard, but waiting around for your ex isn’t going to help anyone, least of all you. It’s one thing to accept that the relationship as it is now is over for good, but what matters more than anything else is how you choose to spend your time from here on out, and whether or not something better will come along if you do. Sometimes we don’t realize it at first, but there are always going to be far more opportunities waiting ahead of us than behind us.

Don’t Put Pressure on Yourself to Bounce Back Instantly

While you want to make sure you don’t dwell too much on the past, it’s also important not to immediately focus on what’s ahead. If all your thoughts are focused on where things will be in a week or two, then right now doesn’t actually matter much. So try not to put pressure on yourself to feel happier already. If you set your expectations too high, then there is every chance that they will only serve as another source of disappointment when things turn out differently. Instead, try taking things at your own pace and let yourself transition into this new phase at your own speed. It may take time to get used to the idea of being single again and knowing that you’re on your own. You might feel like you should be feeling better by now, but that’s just not always the case.

Try To Think Positive As Much As Possible

There is no use dwelling over past mistakes or replaying relationship events in your head (unless it serves a positive purpose). Instead, focus only on the good and positive things which came from this past relationship, and remember why you were once happy together in the first place. Remembering all the good times and what you enjoyed about them will help preserve the memories and give you something to look back to when things get tough. Just don’t let yourself become lost in nostalgia for too long, though, think about what you gained from the relationship and what you can do with this experience to better yourself for the future.

Speak to a Trusted Friend And Reward Yourself

It’s important to have someone you can confide in when going through a tough time. Hearing problems out loud tends to make them seem much more manageable, and besides, even if there is no solution right now, it will at least relieve some of the pressure from your shoulders knowing that another person knows what you’re going through. If there is nobody close by, don’t be afraid to speak up about your feelings online or via anonymous hotlines. There are always people willing to lend an ear as long as they know that somebody needs their help.

Rewards are not just for children who have been good at their chores! In fact, having something which you can work towards each day really helps the time go by a lot faster. Whether it’s a favorite TV show coming back to air soon, or an event to look forward to, make sure you set yourself goals and then reward yourself when you reach them. Just don’t go overboard and start spending every waking hour working towards that next milestone, that’s only going to cause more problems than it solves in the long run.


Breakups are never easy, but they’re a part of life. In this article, we’ve given you some suggestions for how to take the first steps towards moving on after a breakup and getting yourself back on track. Whether it’s by talking with someone close to you or rewarding yourself for all your hard work, there is always something that can be done in order to get through each day until tomorrow comes around. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself though, while you want things to move forward at a reasonable pace, don’t rush into anything before understanding what will happen if you do go ahead with it! We hope these tips have been helpful and wish nothing more than your happiness going forward, whether that means finding love again someday soon or remaining single.

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