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Protecting the Future Health of your Children with Americord


I am a registered nurse and the mother of three boys, ages 7, 2 ½ , and 1 month old. About 1 ½ years ago we received the heart wrenching news that our second son was diagnosed with Stage 4 Neuroblastoma Cancer, one day before his first birthday. This took us on an emotional rollercoaster.

Over the next year and a half our son endured lab tests, scans, eight rounds of chemotherapy, and several surgeries. He continues with monthly doctor visits and lab work, as well as periodic scans. Because we know that there is a chance of cancer relapse, and if so, that stem cell transplant is a possible treatment option, we wished we would have collected cord blood from both him and his older brother. But we were not familiar with the program and assumed that it would be too costly.

When we were blessed with our third pregnancy I started to inquire about cord blood collection. Naturally, we were concerned about the health of our third child and wanted to ensure that his stem cells were available to him should the need ever arise. In addition, there is some chance that the newborn’s stem cells may be a match for his older brothers. So, even though we worried about paying for the process, we decided that storing our infants cord blood was one of the best things we could do for all of our children.

For hours I researched the accredited companies that offered cord blood/tissue collection and storage. I spoke at great length with representatives from the companies who answered my questions about the entire process.

Throughout my research, I truly felt drawn to the Americord company. Americord has a Cord Blood 2.0 Package that includes 20 years of storage, an insurance guarantee, offers the option to also collect cord tissue and placenta tissue, and does not charge the hidden fees that can be found in the small print of other companies. The company staff was extremely courteous. My representative at Americord, Peter, was amazing! It was easy to contact him and he was very friendly, caring, and respectful. He answered all of my questions and was very prompt to reply to my telephone calls and email messages. Peter never pressured me into making a decision to enroll with his company. But when I did, he walked along side me through the process and checked in with me frequently.

The entire process was very smooth. The collection kit was delivered to my home. The instructions were easy to understand and I gave a copy to my doctor to review prior to my delivery. I brought the kit with me to the hospital and after I delivered our beautiful baby boy, my doctor collected the cord blood and tissue and put it into the already labeled containers and secured them in the packaging pouch provided. Then I simply dialed the telephone number listed on the instruction sheet and let the representative know that I had delivered the baby and they took care of the rest! About three hours later, a courier arrived at my hospital room to retrieve the package and quickly delivered it to the Americord lab. Peter tracked the package and confirmed with me that it had arrived at the lab and was being processed. Soon after, I received my Certificate of Storage indicating that the cord blood and cord tissue had been successfully stored!

Having this insurance brings peace of mind for our family. With the ongoing medical research on stem cells, cord blood collection is an insurance policy that simply can never be replaced. You have one opportunity with the birth of each child. We never thought that we would be faced with a possible need for stem cells until our son’s diagnosis. While we wished we would have collected his cord blood and tissue and did not, we are happy to be blessed with another chance with the birth of his brother.

We are extremely grateful to Americord for the services they provide! THANK YOU AMERICORD!

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