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Proven Designer Tips On How To Properly Brand Your Beverage Product

It is true that you shouldn’t read a book just because the cover looks appealing, but this rule doesn’t apply to food and beverage. As a matter of fact, many people, when shopping for beverages, pick the ones with the most attractive designs. There are always so many options on grocery store shelves for consumers to choose from. This is why brands need to create eye-catching packaging and designs, so their products stand out in the market. Additionally, packaging protects the products, promotes them, allows consumers to easily recognize them, and makes the product convenient and easy to use. Additionally, since online shopping has gained huge popularity, brands now have to put extra thought into their packaging and design in order to catch the eyes of customers who are shopping on small screens. Your beverages design should make a great first impression, so keep reading for proven designer tips on how to brand your beverage product properly.

Clear And Simple

Usually, when people go shopping, they only opt for products that fit their needs or ones that they have tried before. This changes if they see something that catches their eyes; they may be more inclined to give it a try. However, sometimes packaging and design make it hard for consumers to make a choice. For instance, there are different types of juice: sugary juices, sugar-free juice, and kids juices, and they are all displayed next to each other. They all have different packaging so people can tell the difference. 

Sometimes though, two different products can have the same designs, which can confuse consumers. When shopping for food and beverages, people tend to make fast decisions. The last thing they want is to buy a product because they recognize its packaging and go home to find that it is something else. This is why it is essential to make your design and packaging clear and simple by providing the brand’s name and a picture. If the consumer can easily identify the beverage and brand, then you have succeeded in designing and packing your product.

Be Authentic

It is essential that your beverage packaging and advertisements are unique and memorable. There are many beverage products on the market, so in order to stay ahead of the competition, your product and marketing methods have to be original. Originality can’t be taught, but with some creativity and research, you can come up with something different. You can advertise your product in a unique way by branding water bottles in a way to reach your target audience. For instance, if your product is a healthy beverage, you can brand water bottles with your healthy beverage products and sell them in gyms. This way, you will be putting your brand on a product that everyone uses and at a place where your target audience frequents. This is a kind of advertising that will make you stand out in the competition, easily reach your target audience, and allow you to do something different from regular advertising. 

Be Honest

Normally, you want to present your beverage product in the best way possible. For example, you may want to show various fruits on your juice bottle when in fact, you have only used one or two fruits. When you present your product inaccurately, this can mislead your consumers and can affect your reputation and thus your sales. This is why, when branding your beverage products, you have to be honest with your consumers. It is important that they know exactly what they are buying. You can play with the design a little to make it look attractive but not to the extent that it becomes misleading. 

Get Inspired

It isn’t hard to get inspired. You can find great ideas everywhere around you. It is essential that you always come up with new and creative ideas that will attract new consumers. This is done by observing how your product is doing in different markets and how your consumers are responding to it. In order to develop and move forward, you should do thorough research and check many resources so that you can find various design inspirations. 

The beverage industry is a very rich and competitive one. Naturally, you want your product to stand out and catch people’s eyes. You also want to build your brand by gaining your customer’s trust and loyalty. This can be achieved by ensuring your packaging and design is clear and simple, so it doesn’t confuse consumers. Be original and come up with creative ways to advertise your brand. Be honest with your consumers and avoid misleading them. Last but not least, always look for inspiration in order to progress and remain ahead of your competition.

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