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Puzzles 101: 4 Tips On Completing A Jigsaw Puzzle

Jigsaw puzzles are a great way to challenge your mind and also get yourself to relax. The goal is simply to put the individual pieces together to create a full image, and since there’s no time limit, you can do the activity at a comfortable pace. However, to make things more exciting, consider challenging yourself to finish the puzzle as quickly as possible. You can then try beating your current record every time you have a new puzzle or play with friends to see who’ll be able to complete it the fastest.


While jigsaw puzzles are undoubtedly fun, the process of working on them can be tricky. This is especially true for a lot of beginners since the game requires patience and an eye for detail. However, that shouldn’t deter you from getting and trying out a jigsaw puzzle. With the right methods, you can accomplish all sorts of puzzles from shops like Pixels that offer products depicting artwork instead of the usual generic images.

Beginner puzzles are easy to do, so you might get bored with them after a while. Therefore, it’s advisable to move on to more complicated ones as you get used to the game. Here are some tips to help you along the way:


  • Relax And Focus


A jigsaw puzzle requires concentration as you have to study the image you’re creating and arrange the pieces correctly. To achieve the required level of focus, you’ll need ample space and time. A slight distraction such as barking dogs, children playing, or a busy household will prevent you from concentrating and eventually slow you down, which isn’t ideal if you’re working on 1000 piece puzzles.

Therefore, do the activity when you’re free and have no other commitments so you can make good progress. Also, when looking for a place to set up the puzzle, opt for a flat surface such as a table with adequate space. The area where you’ll be working shouldn’t be used for other purposes such as dining or studying so you don’t have to take the puzzle apart every time you’re asked to move elsewhere.


  • Take Your Time


Keep in mind that not all puzzles can be accomplished in one day. While you may want to set that as your goal, sometimes it’s just not possible, so don’t pressure yourself. Puzzles are meant to be enjoyable, not stressful.

Start with the readily identifiable pieces before you go to those with almost the same color scheme. When you go for the easy pieces first, you’ll be able to eliminate them from the pile, and you’ll have few pieces to deal with. You can also play with family members who can help you complete the puzzle by working on other parts or assisting you with a particularly complex section.


  • Study The Image


The box where a jigsaw puzzle comes in would show you the image you’re supposed to create, so use it as a guide in order to finish faster. You should study it and take note of the finer details such as the colors, gradients, and patterns present.

You can also check the borders of the image closely and observe where certain elements of the picture are placed. When you start blindly, you won’t know which route to take, and that could negatively affect your pace or cause you to fail to complete the puzzle. 


  • Turn All The Pieces Up And Sort


After studying the provided image, you’ll have to draw a comparison between that and the pieces of the puzzle. To do so, you have to make sure that all of them are facing up. This’ll help you know which ones are likely to go together depending on their color schemes. Although this method won’t guarantee that you’ll be able to finish the jigsaw puzzle in one sitting, it’s an excellent starting point.

Here’s what you should do after flipping the pieces up:

  • Look for all the edge pieces to construct the frame that’ll act as the foundation for all the other pieces.
  • Sort the pieces according to the colors, shapes, and patterns on them. This’ll help speed up the process since everything will be a lot more organized. It then just becomes a matter of starting with one piece, looking for the ones that match it the closest, and repeating those steps until you build up the section.


Jigsaw puzzles are fun to work on, and when you complete one, you get not only a beautiful work of art but also a great sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. Though it may take a while to finish a puzzle with hundreds or even thousands of pieces, you’ll soon discover that it’s worth all the time and effort you put into it. And by following the tips above, you might just reach your goal more quickly than you expected.

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