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Qualities You Need to Look For When Buying a Juicer

With the increasing popularity of eating healthy in the last few years, blending fruits is now one of the things people get to try. According to experts, this has several health benefits, helping to boost your immune system and add nutrients your body needs.


Even though buying fresh fruit juice directly from a juice bar or the grocery store is quite easy, making it with your own juicer is more convenient, and you get to enjoy it every day. Apart from that, you can be as creative as you want in such a way that it fits your needs

Perhaps you’re considering making it part of your daily routine and would like to add it to your diet plan, so you can lose a few more pounds. The question would be: how does one know what features to look for in a juicer, so you don’t buy low-quality products. 

What Sort of Fruit Would be Juiced? 

Picture or try figuring out what amount of fruits you plan on juicing. Knowing the fruits you’d likely be juicing is necessary, as it would help you select the best juicer to meet your needs. Would you be juicing beets, vegetables, citrus fruits, hard fruits, soft fruits, or leaves? Even though humans are blessed with all kinds of fruits for consumption, there isn’t a juicer that can blend all of the fruits listed above.  

A masticating juicer would be your best bet if you intend to juice soft fruits/greens in little quantity and hard fruits/vegetables in large quantities. 

Check below for qualities to look at when buying a juicing machine. 


A simple juicer that’s easy to put together to use and clean is one to consider if you’re not too passionate about juicing but would love to enjoy the health benefits that come from it. You get to use a juicer more regularly if it has few simple parts that can be assembled and dismantled in no time. 

Being able to conveniently place the juicing machine on the counter is part of simplicity. A sleek centrifugal machine takes up less space in your kitchen, is fast, with cleaning and assembling it easy to do.

On the other hand, if you’re passionate about healthy eating, you can take a step further to get a machine that blends even harder fruits and extracts more juice and nutrients from it, such as the triturating juicers. 


Would you prefer to get the juice done faster, or are more concerned about the nutrients to be extracted? For juicers, speed is relative. There are very fast ones that can get the juice ready in less time but wouldn’t extract the nutrients. The masticating and triturating juicers are quite slow and that is more healthy for you.

There are also certain centrifugal juicer models that come with varying speeds. You can start juicing at a slow speed which not only extracts juice for you but nutrients too and steadily increases it as you juice much harder fruits and vegetables. Slower speeds mean more juice can be extracted from the fruit or vegetable. So, which are you more concerned about: quick juicing or more juice extracted with nutrients. 


People with a small kitchen definitely have to think of the size of the juicer before purchasing. You are trying to manage your space and can’t afford something that’s going to take up most of the space and be difficult to move. 

Some juicers not only take more space but are also usually heavy. So before deciding on what type of juicer to buy, ensure there’s enough space in your kitchen before heading to the store. What can be cleared from your cabinet to accommodate it? 


No one likes noise, but some can bear it more than others, and juicers are pretty loud, with the centrifugal juicers leading at the forefront. If you can’t bear the noise, then this is something to keep in mind, so you don’t buy just any type of juicer. It would be better to go for cold press or twin-gear juicers. Those can be set to silent mode.


You might want to look at the warranty that comes with your preferred juicer, as they come with varying warranties. Most high-speed centrifugal juicers usually have 1-5 year warranties because their motors can burn out. That’s not the same with masticating juicers; they’ve got 10+ year warranties on the motor with 5+ years on the parts.


Juicing is getting more popular every day because of its health benefit. If you decide to start eating healthy and living a positive lifestyle, getting a juicer is just the right thing to do. It’s something you won’t regret.

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