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Quattro Caffe Sponsors Wrap-Off With Nine OC Non-Profits


Quatro Caffe Wrap-Off Competition

Though I’m not quite sure how this happened, yours truly was invited to serve as a guest judge for a Holiday Wrap-Off this week. I’ve never been asked to judge anything. I am no expert on gift wrapping other than the fact that my mom thinks I’m good at it but then again she thinks I’m good at almost everything. I had no idea what to expect. All I knew was that OC non-profits would be “duking it out” with a mere 15 minutes to showcase their worthwhile causes in themed displays.

The wrap-off was hosted by Chef/Restrauter Antonio Cagnolo at his popular Quattro Caffe in South Coast Plaza. The prize? A very generous $2500 catering package by the chef/owner himself. Think about the possibilities of converting this win into some fairly significant funds at an auction or fundraising dinner!


Host of the wrap-off Restaurateur Antonio Cangolo announces the winner!

The level of creativity and concepts were wonderful and while every single competitor is a winner in my opinion, the winner of the generous catering package was Make- A-Wish Orange County. Make-A-Wish grants the wishes of children with life-threatening medical conditions to enrich the human experience with hope, strength, and joy.


And the winner is… Make-A-Wish Foundation!

Their theme featured a young girl, Aidan who dreamed of becoming a singer. Make-A-Wish made this dream come true. Aidan recorded a CD and then performed it live. Their outstanding display captured Aidan’s style and spirit and the elements such as the microphones at the top were handmade. The song Aidan recorded playing from the package itself just pushed it right over the top. The bar has been set very high for next year’s competitors.

To learn more about Make-A-Wish Orange County or become a contributor contact Shaun Smith at (858) 837-1744.

Other contestants included:


American Family Housing

American Family Housing ~ providing emergency, transitional and permanent housing as well as education, client management and counseling to homeless low-income individuals and families who want to work to improve their lives and become self supporting members of society. Contact: Courtney Lutkus (714) 270-2719, Donna Sara


The Child S.H.A.R.E. Program

The Child S.H.A.R.E. Program ~ finding homes for abused and at-risk children and providing essential support to their foster and adoptive families. Contact: Allyse Matson (909) 261-6817, Mark Medley


Foster Care Auxiliary of Orange County

The Foster Care Auxiliary of Orange County ~ enhancing the loves of all Orange County foster children and supporting and retaining Orange County licensed foster families and those who are providing a permanent home for a minor from the Orange County foster care system. Contact: Tara Reddy (7174) 553-2263, Christina Brittain


Free Wheelchair Mission

Free Wheelchair Mission ~ providing the transforming gift of mobility to the physically disabled poor in developing countries as motivated by Jesus Christ. Contact: Amanda Rozzana (626) 833-9260, John Brokenshire


Grandma’s House of Hope

Grandma’s House of Hope ~ Empowering the invisible population of Orange County. Contact: Meg Oka (619) 869-2684


National Alliance on Mental Illness of Orange County

National Alliance on Mental Illness of Orange County ~ providing free educational programs, support and advocacy for families and individuals living with the effect of mental illness throughout Orange County. Contact: Amy Durham (714) 544-8488, Sheri


Orange County Child Abuse Prevention Center


Orange County Child Abuse Prevention Center’s Beau Connell stands with his Winter Wonderland

Orange County Child Abuse Prevention Center ~ directly serving at-risk children and families in crisis to prevent and break the generational cycle of child abuse. Contact: Beau Connell (714) 809-0192, Kimberly Connell


Orange County Symphony

Orange County Symphony ~ Enhancing cultural life of the community and expanding the musical education experience of children and parents, many of whom could not otherwise afford to attend a live classical music concert. Contact: Carol Latham, Dorothy Rose (714) 778-0314

Spending some time with the wonderful people who passionately dedicate their time and energy to make our community a better place for all was one of the most satisfying ways I can think of to get in the Holiday Spirit!

Faith in humanity affirmed.




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