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Queen of Katwe is a Must-See Teen Movie

We attended the screening as a guest of Disney

The Magic of The Queen of Katwe

There are few movies made that are powerful enough to change the way that one looks at life. When I first saw the Queen of Katwe at an early screening a couple of months ago, it impacted me in a way that I never thought was possible. Ever since seeing the movie, I couldn’t wait to bring my teenage daughter to see it, and I was beyond thrilled to share the story with her at the world premiere in Hollywood last week.

Mother and Daughter in Queen of Katwe

Queen of Katwe is based on the real-life story of a young girl, Phiona Mutesi, living in poverty in Uganda. Along with her brother, she would go to the market to sell maize to earn money to help feed her family. One day, she stumbled upon a building where children were playing chess together, and the missionary who was running the club invited her in to join the group. It was the beginning of her life-changing journey. The movie shares a small glimpse of the trials, tribulations, and obstacles that Phiona had to overcome in her life to become an international chess champion.

A mother's love in Queen of Katwe

The movie impacted my daughter so strongly that I could hear her sniffling while watching the movie. It gave her a chance to look at what life is like for a young girl, around the same age as her, growing up in another part of the world. Ever since seeing the movie, my daughter has continued to talk about Phiona’s story, and how grateful she is for the life that she is living. She is not only talking about her blessings, but has also been talking more about what she can do to help end world hunger, and poverty. The movie really got her thinking more about life, and what she can do to help change the world.

Learning to play chess in Queen of Katwe

I have never seen a movie positively impact one of my children in the way that Queen of Katwe did, and I encourage all parents with pre-teen and teenage children to take them to see this movie. If we get more children thinking about the struggles others face in the world, then we will have more children growing up into adulthood, passionate about wanting to make the world a better place. Plus, your children will see that they can accomplish anything they put their mind towards, and if they dream it – they can make it happen.

Teacher teaching the kids to play chess in Queen of Katwe

Queen of Katwe is in select theaters now, and will be in theaters nationwide on September 30th.Learn more about “Queen of Katwe” on Facebook and Twitter.

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