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Queen of Katwe World Premiere

We attended the premiere as a guest of Disney


I woke up one morning, got the kids off to school, and then sat down at my computer to begin working. It was just another day until I heard an email notification, and opened an email from Disney inviting a guest and me to attend the world premiere of the upcoming movie “The Queen of Katwe.” I was overwhelmed with excitement and spent the rest of my day watching the clock, awaiting the time my daughter was going to come home from school so that I could surprise her with the big news of being my guest to the premiere.

When my daughter arrived home from school, and I told her the news, she squealed with delight. The first thing that she said to me was, “Wait – what are going to wear?”

The weeks leading up to the premiere, I enjoyed spending quality time with my daughter shopping for the perfect dresses. We wanted to wear something that would match, and we were so lucky to find two beautiful dresses that both featured the perfect shade of magenta.


On the big day, I picked my daughter up early from school and took her to lunch at one of her favorite restaurants. We laughed and enjoyed every minute of the afternoon together, and then took off to Los Angeles for the premiere. We arrived in Los Angeles early to stop at Blushington to have our make-up done, and the DryBar to have our hair curled to perfection. I watched the talented make-up artist and hair stylist transform my daughter into a beautiful princess.




I then whisked my daughter off to walk the red carpet at the El Capitan Theatre. It was a star-studded red carpet where reporters were lined-up along the carpet awaiting the opportunity to capture the perfect picture of the cast in the film. As all the celebrities made their way down the carpet, but there was one little star who I couldn’t stop watching – my daughter. My heart of full, as I watched her glide down the carpet as gracefully as Lupita Nyong’o.



We took pictures together to capture the memory of being at the premiere but the memory of the night will live in our hearts forever.





When the last celebrity arrived at the premiere, all of the guests entered the theater where an organist was playing all of our favorite Disney tunes. We took our seats in the theater opened our popcorn container and admired the beautiful details of the historic theater.




As the organist played his final song, he was lowered into the stage, and a majestic light show lit up the screen. All of the guests in the theater clapped as the film, “The Queen of Katwe,” debuted to the world for the first time.

The film was unlike anything I have seen before, and at times brought tears to my eyes. It impacted my daughter in such a strong way, and she has been talking about it ever since the premiere. She keeps talking about how amazing Phiona Mutesi is, how grateful she is for the life that she has been given, and how she feels inspired to achieve her dreams.


It was a night that we will never forget, and the film forever changed the way that we look at the world. If you have a pre-teen or teenage daughter, “The Queen of Katwe” is a movie that you’ll want to share with your daughter.

“The Queen of Katwe” will be in select theaters on September 23rd, and in theaters nationwide on September 30th. Learn more about “Queen of Katwe” on Facebook and Twitter.

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