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A Quick Guide On Proper Lawn Care And Maintenance

If you are looking for an article about proper lawn care and maintenance, then you have come to the right place. We will cover everything from what tools to use, how often you should water your lawn, and even some tips on winterizing your lawn, so it can survive the cold months. So sit back, relax, and let’s get started!

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Mow your lawn regularly

Some people think that if they go a couple of weeks without mowing their lawn, it won’t matter. But the truth of the matter is once your grass gets too long, its roots stretch out and become weaker, which leads to bald spots in your yard. So, even if you want to give yourself a break from having to do all that work, try not going longer than two weeks without cutting the grass down.

The length at which you cut your grass will depend on what type of soil you have because different types hold moisture differently. If your soil tends to be drier (like sand), then we recommend keeping your blades around three inches tall or less.

But if you happen to have soil that tends to be wetter (like clay), then we recommend keeping your grass around two and a half inches tall. Although different types of lawns will hold moisture differently, most people opt for cutting their grass somewhere between three and four inches in height because it is easier on the eyes than having longer blades of grass sticking up everywhere.

Remove weeds by pulling them out or using a chemical weed killer

Weeds are annoying to look at, but the main reason you want to get rid of them is that they can cause damage to your lawn. Their roots will grow deeper into the soil, which makes it hard for anything else that wants to grow in that spot.

As mentioned above, pulling weeds by hand isn’t too difficult if there aren’t too many of them. But once you have a larger weed problem on your hands, then we recommend using grub control products or another type of chemical weed killer, so it’s easier and faster than doing it manually. You won’t have as much fun applying these chemicals with a sprayer, though, so make sure someone around who doesn’t mind getting their hands dirty!

Water your lawn regularly, but don’t over-water it

Too much water can cause fungus and other problems to grow on your grass, especially if you have clay soil. So we recommend watering it at least once a week to keep the blades healthy and green.

But don’t water your lawn too often because that could lead to fungus as well or even damage already existing plants in your yard. Make sure not only to check the moisture levels of the soil but also the weather to see if you need to water it.

If your area is getting too much rainfall, then watering every other day would be fine as long as there isn’t any weed growth in sight (which could point towards over-watering). But if you happen to notice that your grass tends to get dry very quickly after applying water, then try not adding more than an inch of water per week because too much will cause fungus and other problems just like having too little moisture can.

Use fertilizer on your lawn to help promote healthy growth

Yes, fertilizers can be expensive, and you might think that there isn’t a difference between one brand and another. But the truth of the matter is some lawn care products use half as much fertilizer per bag but charge an extra dollar or two because they know people will buy it anyway.

So make sure to do your research on different types of fertilizer before going out and buying them for yourself! If not, then you’ll end up wasting money on something you could’ve done better without if only someone had told you about all these tricks beforehand.

Make sure to water your lawn before mowing it

This is something that most people don’t even think about, but the fact of the matter is if you turn on a sprinkler system or hose and then go out and start mowing with wet grass, then this will cause problems for two reasons. 

The first reason being that since your blades are already damp they’ll be easier to damage, which can lead to having bald spots in your yard (more than usual). And secondly, because anything stuck inside those clumps of grass-like pebbles or twigs could also get embedded into the ground as well.

So we recommend turning off any irrigation systems at least 30 minutes prior to going outside, so all water has dissipated and only moist soil remains.


Now that we have covered everything from mowing your grass regularly to applying weed killer when needed, hopefully, this has been enough information for anyone who wants their yard looking nice during summertime. So what are you waiting for? Get out there and start taking care of your lawn!

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