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Things to do in Orange County for OC Moms

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Rainy Day Toilet Paper Fun


Rain in Orange County? That is not supposed to happen. So what do our little beach bunnies do on a rainy day in Orange County? We have a rainy day toilet paper fun par-tay!


First we start with a couple of rolls of toilet paper, and go over the rules. We clear a large space in the living room, and then let the fun begin.DSC01014

Let your children’s imagination run wild as they create toilet paper mummies. Let them wrap and decorate each other with rolls of toilet paper. It will keep your kids busy for hours! Expand on the fun by playing the “The Monster Mash” while they are playing.



Then when they are done making toilet paper mummies, have a TP fight! Let your kids toss, and roll around in the toilet paper from the mummies.DSC01028

Celebrate spending intimate time together.DSC01030

And staying active inside.DSC01032

Be prepared for your kids to have the time of their life!DSC01035

And enjoy every minute of their rainy day fun!

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