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Raising a Disney Family with Teri Hatcher

We attended a press event as a guest of Disney.

“We’ve been a Disney family forever,” said Teri Hatcher

World Premiere Of "Disney's Planes" - Red Carpet

Teri Hatcher at the World Premiere of “Disney Planes” with her daughter

Now, Teri Hatcher, is playing a role in her first Disney film, Disney Planes. Hatcher plays Dottie, a female mechanic who keeps her high-flying friends in the air with her service station, “Dottie’s Fill ‘n Fly.” With her family a fan of the film, “CARS,” Hatcher still remembers when the film was first released.

When talking to Hatcher about her role in the film, “Planes,” she talked about how Disney animation has played a role in her family life. She talked with us about how her family would go camping every year, and bring along an old-fashioned DVD player to watch Aristocats. “We would watch Aristocats at night with our S’mores,” said Hatcher.

“Like all great Disney movies, they took fabulous scripts that end up being entertaining for adults and children,” said Hatcher.

World Premiere Of "Disney's Planes" - Red Carpet

When Hatcher told her daughter that she was going to be in an animation film, she said, “I wanna be a voice animator.” When she first learned about getting a part in her first Disney film she had thoughts of, “my child’s gonna love this, my grandchild’s gonna love this, or even my great-grandchild after I’m long gone is gonna love this. That’s the quality that Disney offers,” said Hatcher.

Hatcher and her daughter still love watching Aristocats together. She shared with us how the film was made so many years ago, and how her family still enjoys watching it. “I feel like Cars and Planes, they’re gonna be the same. Kids fifty years from now, whatever the technology is will still be entertained with their families by these movies,” said Hatcher.

“How they create this world that just draws you in, it’s Planes,” said Hatcher.

When asking Hatcher what her favorite scene in the film was she said, “It’s hard to say, clearly the movie is so gorgeous.” She talked about how the characters are not people, but they draw you in while watching the film. “it’s so beautiful and magical,” said Hatcher.

Disney Planes will be in theaters on Friday, August 9th.

Photos are courtesy of Disney and cannot be used without permission

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