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Rare Madagascar Vanilla Limited-Time Yogurtland Flavor

We visited as a guest of the venue

BREAKING NEWS ALERT:  Vanilla bean crops in Madagascar are in jeopardy due to tremulous storms.  The worst tropical cyclone in 13 years has not only devastated the country leaving farmers without crops, it has also caused a huge shortage of vanilla beans worldwide.  Vanilla is one of the most popular flavors in the world and is used in many recipes.  Currently is nearly impossible to get your hands on Madagascar vanilla, but Yogurtland was able to secure a small supply so that its patrons can enjoy the Rare Madagascar Vanilla for just one week while supplies last.

My children and I were invited to a private tasting and our palettes thanked us afterwards.  I’m a believer in being honest in my posts and don’t like pulling the wool over people’s eyes.  Prior to this tasting, I refused to eat vanilla frozen yogurt.  The first time I had vanilla yogurt was in 1986 and I thought was the most disgusting flavor ever.  Even with sample tastings, I opt out of even sampling it because in the past (at previous locations) the vanilla tasted like cardboard not vanilla.  After that I tried it a few more times and just gave up on the flavor all together.  No one could get the taste of vanilla out and with millions of flavors out there why get disappointed with the same old disastrous taste.

Fast forward to 2017 and the invitation to sample Madagascar Vanilla, what is a Yogurtland lover and follower to do.  As you have read in my previous posts my family loves Yogurtland not only because of the quality of yogurt but also because of their stance on using natural ingredients, handcrafting their flavors made with ingredients sourced from the best places in the world, as well as using milk that does not contain antibiotics or added hormones.  Trusting a company is very important to me so as I filled my cup with Madagascar Vanilla, paired with their new summer flavor Sweet n Smooth Peaches n Cream, I had full faith that Yogurtland wouldn’t disappoint…and they didn’t.  The Madagascar Vanilla was creamy, sweet and filled with the natural vanilla flavor, not the cardboard taste that I had experienced in the past with other yogurt companies.  Yogurtland did something that other companies could not, they made me love vanilla yogurt.  Maybe it’s because they used fresh California milk for a creamy light taste, or it could be the Madagascar Vanilla.  Regardless they have made a vanilla fan out of me.

You will be able to enjoy the Rare Madagascar Vanilla flavor during its limited one week availability in U.S. stores, June 26 – July 1, or while supplies last.  On top of that Yogurtland has launched two new collector spoons and their summer flavors:

June 5th – Homegrown Watermelon Sorbet

June 5th – Sun Kissed Strawberry Shortcake

June 19th – Sweet n’ Smooth Peaches n’ Cream Gelato

July 3rd – Larger Than Life Mud Pie

July 17th – Picnic Favorite Apricot Mango Tart

For more information about Yogurtland, Yogurtland Real Rewards Card, or to find a location closest to you, please visit their webpage at

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