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Real Life Treasure Hunting with Geotagging

Geotagging. What is that?

Geotagging = Real life treasure hunting!


I have heard of Geotagging, but never truly understood what is was. A friend of mine who knows how much I love exploring nature with my children told me that my kids were just the right age to start, and I should give it a try.

I didn’t know where to start, so I started asking about it on Facebook. I quickly learned that all I needed was my phone, GPS device, pencil and some small swag. I ordered a Geomate Geotagging GPS device, and it just happened to be delivered right before the one weekend that we got rain here in Orange County.


I didn’t let a little rain stop us from going on our first real life treasure hunt. Once there was a break in the storm, and we headed out into the neighborhood to start looking for hidden treasures.


The kids were screaming with excitement when they discovered that we had hundreds of hidden geotags all around our neighborhood. We used the app on my cellphone to determine the size of the different geotags, and for clues. The smaller geotags could be as little as a key chain hanging on a fence while, the larger ones contain hidden treasures.

Finding our first Geotag

Finding our first Geotag

We picked a larger geotag for our first hunt, and found ourselves walking along dirt trails, climbing under tree branches, and discovered a box hidden under a pile of large rocks. Inside of the box was a log where we could sign our name and lots of fun swag that the kids could swap with the swag that they brought along with us on our adventure. When we went hunting for the smaller geotags, we found a small hidden PVC tube on the fence where we signed our name on the tiny log book.


Geotagging is now my kids favorite family activity. Every time that we leave the house, one of the kids has the Geomate Geotagging GPS device around their neck to search for hidden treasures.

Go out and start Geotagging with your kids today!

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