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Is It Really Worth It to Move to Florida?

Moving from one state to another is an exciting experience. It can lead to a better job opportunity or a more comfortable living situation. But it can be challenging as well, especially when you are packing all your belongings and planning the route to transport them. This is especially true when moving to one of the most common destination states: Florida.

Before you even get to the actual moving process, you need to carefully consider if moving to Florida is the best choice for you. Whether you are moving for personal or professional reasons, you need to ensure you have evaluated all concerns and aspects that can affect the life you want to create once you are in the Southeastern state. You’ll definitely want the assistance of a moving services Tampa residents trust, to make the move a bit easier.

You may also want to consider the following factors when weighing your decision to move to Florida.

Florida’s Culture Draws from Many Different Influences

Florida’s 20 million residents are exposed to various cultures. In particular, Miami shows a lot of ethnic diversity. Many residents are of Cuban and other Hispanic descent, the Spanish language is spoken as often as English. There are also Black Americans of Afro-Caribbean origins, as well as peoples with white European ancestry and Asian ancestry. 

Every Florida City Has Its Own Charm

Diversity extends to the personalities of Florida cities as well. Each city is known for its unique charm. As a young professional, living in Miami provides many job opportunities, a first-hand experience of arts and culture, and access to a bustling party scene. 

If you are searching for a big Florida city with a low cost of living, St. Petersburg is the answer. On the other hand, seniors who want to enjoy a comfortable retirement can stay in The Villages. It’s a retirement community with 69,000 residents that resembles a small city. 

The State Has a Strong Economy

In early 2021, Florida’s economy ranked as the fourth largest in the United States with a Gross Domestic Product of $1.1 trillion. Thanks to its top industries in tourism, agriculture, financial services, and aerospace, Florida has a stable job market for its residents and people who plan to move into the state. 

Florida is also experiencing growth in the tech industry. Many venture capital-backed startups are sprouting in Florida cities like Miami. For young professionals who want to gain plenty of experience to drive their careers forward, they can explore opportunities in different startups. 

It Is a Tourist Destination

Florida remains to be one of the top tourist destinations in the United States because of its beaches and numerous amusement parks. In the first half of 2018 alone, 65.5 million people visited the Sunshine State. Also, Florida has seasonal residents who come to escape the harsh winters of Northern states. So if you are planning to move to Florida, you can expect a lot of visitors flocking in all year long.

Florida is most famous for its 1,350 miles of breathtaking coastline. It has many beautiful beaches where you can bask in the sunshine, but it has other magnificent landscapes you can explore. The state has plenty of coral reefs, underwater caves, barrier islands, vast wetlands, forests, and low rolling hills.

If you prefer a quieter environment, you can choose to live in a city that sees fewer visitors. Tampa and Orlando usually have more tourists in the city than residents. But if you decide to live in Vero Beach, you won’t see many tourism activities—allowing you to enjoy one of the best beach towns in the country peacefully.

Florida Has a Subtropical Climate

Known as the Sunshine State, Florida has fairly pleasant weather most days of the year. But from June first to November 30, it’s hurricane season. Hurricanes can be deadly if you are outside of your home. You can get hit by flying debris or falling trees. Hurricanes can also affect people with businesses. Aside from dealing with storm damage repairs, it can knock out electrical grids in neighborhoods, affecting your regular activities. Since the sewage systems operate on electricity, you need to conserve water during a hurricane.

The Cost of Living Is Higher

It’s important to examine all aspects of your decision before moving to a new state. One of them includes evaluating if it’s financially sustainable to live there. For instance, some Florida cities can have a higher cost of living compared to the national median. When it comes to housing costs in the third quarter of 2020, for example, the average principal and interest payment were $1,269 while the average rental fee was $2,264 in Miami-Miami Beach-Kendall areas.

You also need to think about your expenses like food, transportation, and receiving clinical treatments. If you visit a dentist in the Miami-Miami Beach-Kendall metro area, it will cost $110, which is slightly higher than the national median of $98.33. Consulting an optometrist is also more expensive at $113.40 compared to the national median of $105.84.

There are advantages and disadvantages to moving to the Sunshine State. You will need to carefully evaluate all facets that can impact your life. If you decide to move, select the city or neighborhood that best suits your needs and the lifestyle you want to achieve. 

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