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Red Hot ‘Planes Fire and Rescue’ World Premiere Red Carpet

We attended as a guest of Disney

“Planes Fire and Rescue” is flying into theaters this Friday and is going to be one of the “hottest” family summer films of the year. The film came to life in front of the El Capitan Theatre last night as the creators of the film and those who inspired the film came together to celebrate the release of the new film.




My younger son dreams of becoming an Air force pilot when he grows up, and I could not wait to surprise him with the news that he was invited to attend the premiere. When we first arrived at the red carpet, all the stars in the film were stopping along the carpet answering questions to the press.




As we made our way down the carpet, my son’s dreams came true. There were games, activities, crafts, bounce houses, flight simulators and more. There was food from the Orange County fire truck food truck, Company 77. They were serving macaroni and cheese, pepperoni and cheese pizza cooked on a fire truck! There was also Discovery Science Center at the premiere with educational games for kids to play centered around the theme of the film.




My son and I created unforgettable memories together doing arts and crafts centered around the film while sharing the experience with some of our other entertainment blogger friends. When it was time for the fun to end, a series of rescue helicopters flew low over the red carpet to signal everyone to make their way into the theater to see the film.




The film started off with a dedication to all the men and women who risk their lives to keep us safe, and the entire crowd inside of the theater cheered before the film began. My son sat on the edge of his seat throughout the film as to not miss a single moment.




After the film, was one of my son’s favorite moments as he was given a pin from a forest ranger making him an honorary junior forest ranger. We then talked with some of the firefighters and celebrities who came to the premiere. Everyone had the same opinion about the film, that is a great tribute to firefighters, and a film that families will enjoy for years to come.




Don’t miss taking your kids to see “Planes Fire & Rescue” in theaters this Friday!

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