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Red Leicester Macaroni and Cheese Recipe


Football practice ends at 5pm, and I find myself wondering what to make for dinner? Whenever I am in this situation, I always know that I can count on Trader Joe’s. It’s like they know when I need a simple meal, and they even it ready for me to taste test it on the kids before I attempt to cook it at home. During the first week of school, Trader Joe’s saved me with this delicious red leicester macaroni and cheese recipe.

Now I will be honest, I have never made anything with red leicester cheese, but after the kids sampled the recipe they said it was a “go!” The recipe was easy, but I still think it was a little too time consuming for a weeknight when trying to help the kids finish their dinner. It would make a good Sunday night dinner, or a dinner to give to a friend who has just had a baby…or even a potluck!



1 1/4 pound of red leicester Trader Joe’s cheese
2 Cups of milk
2 Tbl. of olive oil
4 Tbl. of flour
4 Tbl. of butter
1 package of macaroni noodles
1 package of Trader Joe’s Garlic Herb Chicken Sausages
1/2 cup of Panko bread crumbs


1. Cook the noodles per package instructions


2. Slice the sausage into a small pieces.
3. In a saucepan, heat the olive oil until warm – then add the sausage.
4. Cook the sausage on high for about 5 minutes or until fully cooked



5. In a saucepan continually whisk until thickened the milk, flour and butter.


6. Once the sauce has thickened, add the cheese. Stir the cheese until fully melted.


7. In a large pyrex dish, mix the sausage, noodles and cheese.


8. Top with panko bread crumbs.
9. Bake at 400 degrees for 20 minutes.




Recipe shared with permission from the lovely ladies at Trader Joe’s!

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