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The Red Sun Tween Book Review

Review copy received (affiliate links included)

The Red Sun Book
When twelve-year-old Sam Baron meets a weird dwarf in his garage everything in his life starts to change. The Red Sun: Legends of Orkney takes readers into a Fantasy Fiction journey into the Ninth Realm of Norse mythology. As Sam Baron discovers that he is not just a regular boy, and he is the descendant of Odin Himself and the most horrible witch herself, Catriona.

If Sam hadn’t met that strange dwarf in his garage that day, he wouldn’t have embarked on a journey to the magical realm of Orkney. Raised by his father and mother at Pilot Rock, Oregon, and at the age of eight, his father vanishes. Sam grows to hate his father because he thinks that his father decided to abandon him and his mother to go live with a different family.

Then his new substitute teacher scares him because of her emerald eyes, wormy breath, and her suspicious acting in class. As Shun Kara wolves begin to stalk him, his life turns upside-down when he discovers that he is from Orkney and this whole time his father has been cast into stone by the evil witches who live there.

When Sam’s friends, Keely and Howie are taken captive, Sam travels to Orkney through a stonefire to rescue them and free his father from his stone prison. When he gets to Orkney, it’s not long before he runs into Mavery, a young witch girl, who soon becomes Sam’s friend. She guides him through Orkney so he can find a way to end an ancient curse that turns the sun a poisonous dark red and threatens to destroy the beautiful land of Orkney. Now I know that must sound mean to be calling a young little girl a witch, but she actually is a witch, literally! Mavery has magical powers, but she doesn’t have warts, she definitely is not green, and she is not evil! I promise that you will come to love Mavery, it is hard not to.

I would recommend this book for Tweens who like to read fantasy fiction books with drama and action sprinkled here and there. This book is a really good read. I suggest that you should go and get The Red Sun right now. Without a shadow of a doubt, I guarantee that you will love this book, and you will want to read it again. But wait, the author doesn’t stop here, she will be coming out with a sequel to The Red Sun. The title of this sequel will be called, The Moon Pearl.

The Red Sun: Legends of Orkney by Alane Adams is available on Amazon.

Guitar playing, skateboarder, OC surfer boy. Andrew is a mad scientist middle schooler by day and an avid sci-fi reader by night.
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