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Things to do in Orange County for OC Moms

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How to Reduce Stress and be a Healthy Happy Mom

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I am so excited to be back at the Aliso Viejo Renaissance Club Sport. It has been a long time and starting back couldn’t have come at a better time. I am at full “stress” capacity with parenting my 3 children, trying to be a good wife (although I would give myself a D grade in that arena right now), working part time and finishing my Ph.D. dissertation.

Normally, when I have been at this point I would stop working out because I felt guilty. I would think about all the things I should have been doing instead, such as; folding laundry, reading more articles for my dissertation, doing a craft with the kids, following up on e-mails, etc., etc. I would always seem to find an excuse as to why working out wasn’t going to work for me when I was over stressed. When this happens, my stress level increases; and, to be honest, I am not much fun to be around when my stress and anxiety have hijacked me!

So this time I decided I was going to change my typical pattern because, my current way of handling stress wasn’t working too well. I let all of those things currently occupying my “to do list” wait while I ventured into Milo’s Hip Hop class at the Aliso Viejo Renaissance Club Sport. That was the best decision I could have made.


Milo is a true treasure, so much that I didn’t want to share this “hidden gem” because his classes are already so full and it is hard to get a good spot. Milo (whose resume includes being a choreographer for Michael Jackson) is not just an instructor of a work-out class, he really is an inspiration, role model and therapist wrapped up into one dynamic and charming person.


At the end of the class I felt as though I had just finished a fulfilling therapy session. My anxiety and stress levels were way down. I felt re-energized, and suddenly up to the task of accomplishing all those things on that to do list!

My mood was infinitely better; I was now able to refocus and prioritize on the “important” things in life. For me that means being present, calm, and peaceful for my children, husband and friends.

If you haven’t taken a workout class with Milo Levell, you are missing out, big time! Come to his class at the Aliso Viejo Renaissance Club Sport for a fun, energizing workout and get your spirit replenished and revitalized.

Not a member of the Renaissance Club Sport Aliso Viejo? All of the OC Mom Blog readers can enjoy one complimentary day pass to the facility by just mentioning that the OC Mom Blog sent you.

Courtney Harkins is a local licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, and mother to three young children. She runs a private practice as well as works with children at various organizations in Orange County. She specializes in adoption and parent child attachment, and is currently a doctoral candidate for clinical psychology.
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