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How to Reduce the Stress of Moving Home

Moving home is widely regarded as one of the most stressful life events, but this doesn’t mean you have to suffer unnecessarily. There are so many ways to reduce stress and anxiety during this time, which will help you focus on the excitement of moving into your dream home. Here are five essential steps you need to follow to reduce the stress of moving home…

Hire a real estate agent

When you’re hoping to buy a new home and sell your current one, you absolutely need the help and guidance of a real estate agent. With their expertise and knowledge of the real estate market in your neighborhood, they’ll help you find the perfect home within your budget and guide you through the complicated paperwork. In order to get in touch with reputable agents try an online broker such as Compass who can help you on your moving journey.


If you have a lot of belongings you need to transport to your new home, this can feel very overwhelming. However, you have to consider whether you actually need all of the things you currently have in your home. If you can declutter some of these items, then this will make it much easier for you to pack everything away. Once you’ve identified what you no longer need, you could sell these items, give them to friends and family, or simply throw them away if they’re of no use to anyone.

Create a moving inventory and calendar

Once you’ve decluttered your home, you can get started on creating your moving inventory. This is a list of all the furniture and items in your home that you’ll be transporting to the new property. You should make a note of the weight, value, and condition of these items – this will help you determine the cost of transporting them with a moving company and the necessity of moving insurance.

Next, you should create a moving calendar. In this calendar, you can make a note of the official moving date and write down which tasks you’ll accomplish each day as that date approaches.

Pack in advance

One of the tasks you’ll need to write down on your calendar is packing your belongings. Since you’ll be living at home before you move, you won’t be able to pack everything in advance, but try to pack everything that you won’t need before you move in good time. As the moving date gets closer, you should try to pack as many things as possible and only leave out the essentials until the last minute – make sure you have plenty of boxes and suitcases ready.

Use a moving company

Although a lot of people like to just ask their friends and family for help when moving home, you can reduce a lot of your stress by choosing a professional moving company instead. They’ll take care of everything for you and transport your belongings safely.

Moving house can never be completely stress-free, but you can reduce your feelings of stress and anxiety as much as possible by following these helpful tips.


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