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Reindeer Tea Light Ornament


As a child I always found Rudolph so magical. A reindeer with a glowing nose, what’s not to love about that? Santa is always number one for Christmas, but next to him this adorable red nosed reindeer is sure to be the top on the lovable scale. I made this reindeer tea light ornament to give my family a little glowing treat. It is easy to make and is sure to be a favorite.


Here is what you will need:

Battery operated tea light candle(s)
Red paint
Brown paint
Black puffy paint
Paint brush
8 mm Wiggle eyes
3/8 inch Red ribbon
Brown or gold pipe cleaners
12 mm bells
Glue gun
Glue sticks


1. Dip the tip of the candle flame in red paint.


2. Paint around the sides and top of the candle brown


3. Let the paint dry and re apply a second layer of brown paint.
4. Cut a piece of pipe cleaner to form the antlers. (Mine was about 6 inches)


5. Bend the pipe cleaner to form a V shape.


6. Cut 2 smaller pieces of pipe cleaner to make the next piece of the antler.


7. Twist on the pipe cleaners on each stem of the antler.
8. Bend the pipe cleaners to where you think they resemble antlers.
9. Hot glue the antlers to the back of the tea light.
10. Hot glue on 2 wiggle eyes to the front of the tea light.
11. Clip off a small piece of pipe cleaner, slide it through the bell.


12. Cut a length of ribbon long enough to go around the tea light and to use as a hanger.
13. Attach the bell to the middle of the ribbon by twisting it on with the pipe cleaner.
14. Glue the ribbon on and either tie or make a loop by hot gluing the ribbon together.
15. Turn your tea light on and hang it up.


Your ornament is now ready to enjoy.


Have a very bright holiday!

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