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Reinvent Your Workout with the Wii Fit U


With the holidays quickly approaching, and all the delicious food that goes along with it, now is the best time to reinvent your workout with the Wii Fit U. The Wii Fit U is revolutionizing your workout routine that syncs with your Wii U.

Getting started is easy. Begin by purchasing a Wii Fit U Meter, clip it to your belt, and get moving! The Wii Fit U Meter will start tracking your number of steps, calories burned and the altitude and intensity of the steps. Upon arriving home every evening, sync the information from your meter into the game to track your progress and participate in over 70 different activities.


The best way to use the new Wii Fit U is with friends and family. With the retail price of just $19.99 for each Fit Meter, it is an affordable way for families to motivate each other to stay fit this holiday season. There are also Wii Fit U online gym communities where users can track, motivate and cheer on their friends and family member to meet their fitness goals.

Users who purchase the Fit Meter, for $19.99, will gain access to permanently keeping their one-month trial of Wii Fit U.

Get ready to create your own workout routine including Yoga, Strength exercises, and more to help obtain your fitness goals this holiday season with the new Wii Fit U Meter.

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  1. I’ve always wanted a Wii maybe this year I’ll buy one for myself and get some of these great programs to stay fit.

    • I think you should. It is the perfect gift for yourself, and for your friends and family.

  2. This would be a great Christmas gift for my sister. Thanks for sharing!

    • Your sister will love it. We are having such a great time using ours.

  3. Sounds like a neat version of a traditional pedometer, especially for kids. Do you know if you can wear it and have your activity tracked while you play Wii active games, like Golf or Bowling?

    • Yes! It will track all of your activity while wearing it.

  4. Wow, I like this!

  5. It looks cool!! I will check it out. Thanks for sharing.

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