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How to Renew Your Expired ACLS Certificate

It is important to renew ACLS certificates every two years. If you don’t, then your ACLS certificate will expire and become invalid which means that you won’t be able to work as a healthcare provider. This article shows the steps necessary in order to renew your expired ACLS certificate so that you can still continue working.

Check the expiration date of your ACLS certificate

You have to renew your ACLS certificate every two years to continue practicing. You should have been notified by the ACLS organization that it was time for you to renew, and if not, then contact them right away. Do not wait until after the expiration date because ACLS certifications are no longer valid at this point!


Why is it necessary? 

Your ACLS certification expires after a period of two years in order to keep up with continuing medical education (CME) requirements. This includes annual recertification credits as well as state license renewal or relicensure responsibilities. It’s important for healthcare providers who work in an Emergency Department setting such as nurses and respiratory therapists, among others, to stay current on their ACLS skills so they can provide quality care in the event of a cardiac arrest.

What happens if your ACLS expires? 

When you fail to renew your ACLS certification, this means that it is invalid for use and any current ACLS skills expire as well. This could be dangerous because anyone who’s looking at your expired certificate will assume that you are no longer qualified or experienced with ACLS and they may not allow you to provide treatment while on duty.

If it is expired, look for a renewal program in your area

Find a renewal program in your area. ACLS certificates are good for two years, and then they expire after that time frame has passed. This is why it’s important to find a renewal program that works with your schedule so you can maintain the coursework needed to keep ACLS certification current. ACLS certification is important and should be renewed annually, or else it will expire. ACL

Apply for and pay for an ACLS course 

If you want to renew your ACLS certificate, the first thing you need to do is apply for and pay for an ACLS course. The ACLS course typically lasts about four hours and can be taken in a classroom setting or online through various websites. Many people nowadays choose to do the ACLS renewal online because it’s much more comfortable and you don’t need to leave the house. Don’t worry, it will not affect what you learn.

There are two types of ACLS courses: Basic Lifesaving Skills (BLS) or Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS). BLS covers CPR skills while ACLS includes more intensive lifesaving techniques such as airway management, intravenous access, blood pressure monitoring, etc.

The certification period varies from three months up to two years depending on the initial certification date and renewal requirements set by individual organizations. Renewing with most organizations requires recertification every six years due to advances in ACLS technology and procedure.

When you’re ready to apply for ACLS renewal, make sure that your expiration date is not in the next six months or year so as to avoid paying a late fee of $200 which would be charged if it’s more than 60 days past the due date. 

Prepare yourself

No matter where you’re taking the test, ACLS preparation is crucial to performing well and getting your certificate renewed.

  • Learn the basics of ACLS, including how it works, what it does, and why you should renew your expired ACLS certificate
  • Consider taking a course that’s been designed for working professionals who need to complete their ACLs certification on time or at designated intervals
  • Find out about the benefits of this type of program such as its flexibility in timing and price. After that, make sure they’re important enough to be worth considering before signing up 

If you have an upcoming test date but don’t know where you stand with ACLS preparations yet, there are plenty of ways to prepare yourself so that when the day comes around, you’ll be able to succeed! 

Take the course’s final exam at the end of the session to receive certification

The test is the final stage of ACLS certification. You must complete the course and take this final test for your ACLS certificate to be renewed. The ACLS exam is administered according to random computer-generated order, but you can ask the instructor how it will work in advance if necessary.

Once you’ve passed the ACLS test, you’ll receive your ACLS certification order to get the certificate renewed. This is done by submitting a payment of $199 via credit card or debit card and then printing out the ACLS renewal form found on where it will be mailed within five business days.


In order to become a certified ACLS provider, one must renew their certification every two years. The process of renewal is relatively easy and straightforward, but it does require some effort on the part of the potential certificate holder. If you’re interested in becoming an ACLS provider or if your current certifications are about to expire, be sure to contact professionals who will provide you with the knowledge and new certification so you could continue on with your work. 

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