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Renters often make these mistakes. You shouldn’t

Moving into a new home could be challenging, be it rented or owned. There are numerous things people overlook while doing so and then regrets later. Before moving into a rented home, you need to make sure that you have all the basics down and leave a minimum to zero chance of making any mistake.

Keeping House Clean

While renting a place, you’re signing a legal contract binding you to the place for the mentioned time frame, and for that particular time frame you need to live in a place as if it’s your own and not live carelessly. Here are some of the common mistakes renters make that you could avoid.

Just skimming through lease terms

This falls under one of the biggest mistakes one can make while renting a place. Before signing a legally binding contract for the place, you should make sure that you go through all of the points mentioned in the said contract and that it meets your needs. Make a checklist for signing a lease with a new landlord.  There are clauses and subclasses under every contract that you need to focus on in order to know everything about the place you’re going to call home for the time. Ignoring such points could become a problem for you later so you should never just skim through the lease terms.

Not looking the place over in person before renting out

In these modern times where we are ruled by technology, it has become pretty easy to find a place to rent online. There is no doubt about the convenience of looking online and deciding the place to rent, but that should never be your final call. Before renting a place to live in, you should always make sure that you check it out in person despite the raving reviews and suggestions. This way you could look at all the factors in person and determine what suits you the best. There could be a chance that the reviews could be false or what suited others, might not suit you. This could be determined only when you look through the place yourself apart from online, forgoing the surprise factor. The neighborhood factor also plays an important role here. You should always research a neighborhood before you move there.

Not planning out your requirements

The place you’re going to rent will be your home for the mentioned amount of time. Even if you’re not going to own the place, do not just consider it a place to just eat and sleep. Make sure that you have a plan and jot down the requirements that the place would need to meet. Make sure you cover all the bases and leave no stone unturned to make that place your home for the time period. For instance, if you like the place and think it suits you the best but has a small bedroom, you should consider space saving ideas for your bedroom. You should also consider things like the type of neighbourhood you want to live in, lifestyle amenities, transportation (public and personal fitting the neighborhood), pet policies.

Skipping thought about additional cost

Renting a place might seem like a hassle-free lifestyle than owning the place. This is where you could be surprised and not in a good way. Renting the place is not just paying the rent and making sure you don’t burn the house. There are many additional costs that you could skip thinking about and then won’t have a budget for it. There might be some new changes you would want to do to the place you rent. For instance, adding extra shelves for your books, or even adding a new Wi-Fi connection to the place. You might not have the budget prepared for these additional costs so always plan and organize your finances accordingly. Renters insurance is a big part of said additional cost. Research about what renters insurance is and what it covers, so that you could find the best policy suitable for you. Do not skip over planning on additional expenses and fees beyond the rent.

Doing it last minute

You should start looking for a place as soon as you know you might need one soon. Finding a place to rent on short notice will cost you more for less amenities. You would have to pay a lot for a place that could’ve cost you half the money if you’re planning ahead and taking time to find a place. Finding a place last minute will leave you with fewer options and a low chance of negotiating the cost with the landlord. Last-minute decisions could also be a hindrance if you don’t have the deposit money ready. This could possibly disqualify you from getting a place you really want.

Bottom line

If you’re a first-time renter, there is a chance of you making one mistake or the other. These are the points which would help you avoid some most prone mistakes while renting a place. While renting a place you need to make sure that it falls under all the requirements and you’ve given a thorough read to the lease agreement. Be a responsible tenant while renting and place and follow the basic rule that would best for you and your landlord.

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