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Repairing Damages After A Storm: How It Is Done Right

When damages occur after a storm, the best thing you can do is act quickly. Some damages are minor and can be fixed with simple repairs while others require more extensive work. It’s important to take the time to assess damages so that you know what your next steps should be. Here are tips to help you repair damages after a storm.


1. Replace Any Broken Windows And Doors

If the windows and doors are broken, then get them replaced by professionals. You have to contact a storm damage cleanup company that helps communities recover right after a storm. Whether it’s your home or business premises, you can rely on such companies to help you recover. It is important that your fixtures fit well or wind can get in. – Make sure everything is fitted well and properly before you leave.

2. Estimate The Damage

Make a list of damages you have incurred. In the process, you’ll know what the insurance company will cover and what you will need to pay out of pocket. Get an estimate on how much it will cost to repair damages. Do not forget to contact your insurance company for more information about damages covered by the policy and what is not covered.

3. Clean Up Any Debris Or Fallen Trees In Your Yard

If your roof was damaged, you will want to cover it with a tarp. Any damages that are not repairable should be reported to the insurance company as soon as possible. It is recommended that all damages are documented on-site before they dry up or disappear completely. Damages that have been properly repaired may lead to an enhanced home value. Your home’s curb appeal is of the essence so, use a leaf blower, a rake, or a lawnmower to restore your yard to its former beauty.

4. Remove Anything That Could Be A Fire Hazard


If you have an emergency, such as a downed power line near your home or a car parked in the driveway, it is best to call 911. The power lines could be live, even if the downed line appears to have no electricity running through it. By contacting local authorities first, you can ensure that proper safety precautions are taken care of before attempting any repairs yourself. Protect your family and your neighbors from electrocution by all means necessary.

5. Protect Your Property By Boarding It Up With Plywood

To protect your home and possessions, you may need to board up any window or door with plywood as soon as possible after the damage occurs so no one gets inside without permission. This will not only prevent further damages but also keep people safe. It’s important for everyone who lives in an area where storms are common to know how this process works at all times since it could take place within minutes or even seconds during severe weather events such as hurricanes and tornadoes.

6. Make Sure All Of Your Utilities Are Working Properly

Storms can happen at any given time especially at a time when global warming has affected weather cycles. If your damages were caused by water, you will need to make sure all of the appliances that run on water or electricity are working properly. Here are some other utilities that you’ll need taken care of right after a storm: 

  • Heat or Air Conditioning:

This is especially important if either of these was affected due to damages sustained during the storm; it becomes unsafe for anyone living in your home without proper heat and air conditioning capabilities.

  • Electricity:

Make sure all electrical panels inside and outside the house are intact with no visible damages, etc.; turn off any main breakers until everything else has been repaired (unless told otherwise).

  • Cable/Internet Service:

Call your cable company or internet provider immediately after storms have subsided so you can set up an appointment to get it repaired.

  • Phone:

If you do not have a cordless phone, immediately begin calling your local service providers to get this restored as soon as possible; if damages are affecting the landline on your property, contact the provider currently assigned to repair it and schedule an appointment for them to come out.

  • Security Alarm System/Cameras:

Make sure all cameras or alarm systems that were affected by damages sustained during storms can still be used properly before asking someone else to fix them (although there is always security footage saved in case of burglaries).

When a storm leaves your property in shambles, it is important that you take action to clean up and repair whatever damage has been done. This may seem like an overwhelming task but there are some simple steps you can follow to make the process easier on yourself. First of all, remove anything that could be considered a fire hazard from your yard. If there are any downed trees or debris lying around outside your house, move them away before they become more of a problem later down the road. Next, check all windows for leaks or other potential issues with water intrusion into the home. 

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