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Resource Tools for Small Businesses During COVID 19

GoDaddy Partnership

Do you have a small business? If you are a small business owner, then this uncertain time is impacting your life significantly.

Small Business Support during COVID 19

One of the hardest parts of living through this scary time is seeing so many entrepreneurs who I care about worry about keeping their dreams alive. Not only is there the stresses of trying to stay healthy, but also of keeping the doors open to their businesses (if possible at this time).

I have been using GoDaddy to host my website domains since first starting my business, and they have always provided me with excellent tools to aid in helping my business to be successful. Recently, GoDaddy has launched an #OpenWeStand resource website to help give entrepreneurs resources, inspiration, and tools needed to help be successful during COVID-19.


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On the resource part of the website, there are many articles for small business owners to read. Some of my favorite articles are how to be efficient while working from home, reminders to update your business hours/contact information online, and how to create digital gift cards to generate revenue online.

Community Answers

COVID 19 Business Resource

The most valuable part of the website is the community forum. In this forum, business owners can help one another with creative solutions. My favorite part of the community forum is where they provide social media assets to help show your support using the hashtag #OpenWeStand.

Small Business Relief

Business owners can start a GoFundMe campaign in partnership with GoDaddy during the COID-19 crisis. Small businesses are eligible for a $500 matching grant.

Support is the key to getting through this crisis. We all need to be there for each other during this uncertain and scary time. GoDaddy is committed to helping support your small business, and the #OpenWeStand resource website is just one way they are here for you.

Learn more about GoDaddy on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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