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Review of the Family Friendly Movie, Island of Lemurs, Madagascar

We attended the screening as a guest of Warner Brothers
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Warner Bros. Pictures with IMAX Entertainment and the voice of Morgan Freeman has documented the amazing journey of scientist Patricia Wright and her lifelong mission to help save their natural habitat becoming more and more endangered.

Lemurs landed on the Island of Madagascar as castaways millions of years ago and have made this paradise their home and lived there without any natural predators, truly paradise!  It wasn’t until just 1,000 years ago that humans came to settle here and for humans, resources are scares, so as their populations grows, so does the need for more resources, like farming and space to live.  This touching documentary raises awareness of this highly endangered species while audiences a close-up introduction to this curious and adorable animal, the Lemur.




Like most IMAX documentary films, The Island of Lemurs: Madagascar runs about 40 minutes and is rated G.  This was a wonderful afternoon spent as a family, especially my 9 year old, Ronan, who has a passion for these funny, furry creatures.  We all enjoyed the movie; Sarah was so taken with the Sifaka Lemur’s dance, she replicated their dance all the way to lunch through Irvine Spectrum.  She also liked learning about the various lemurs that live on the island, her favorite was the Mouse Lemur, tiny yet fierce … “Just like me, mom”.




Griffin, age 7, loved the landscape of the island shown in 3-D and was affected by the fires that can burn out of control and threaten this majestic place.  Ronan, a 4th grader, was fascinated by the 3-D imaging of the island and how it enhanced the audience’s ability to watch the lemurs jump, dance and interact in the wild.  Because he loves lemurs, it brought awareness and concern for their existence and what the species faces on the island.  My husband Eric and I learned a thing or two as well!  How amazing that these furry guys lived on the island without any natural predators and that the Island of Madagascar was the last place on earth settled by humans.  See, youre never too old to learn about our world!

Warner Brother Pictures and IMAX has created a wonder family-friendly movie full of adventure, awareness, facts about the Island of Lemurs, Madagascar! If you have a budding scientist or just enjoy animals … it’s a must-see!  My three kids give Island of Lemurs, Madagascar a thumbs up and I bet your family will too.





Do you have a child that loves Lemurs?  Win it!   We are thrilled to offer 4 of our readers an adorable Lemur plush toy.   Enter to win in the form below, see the movie and good luck!


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Wendy is a wife and mom of three that lives in Coto. She enjoys experiencing life through the eyes of her kids, party planning, exercising, and cooking.
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