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How To Ride Motorcycles With Children Safely

If you own a motorcycle and have a child, you’ve probably heard this question a hundred times: “Could you please take me on a ride?” Taking a youngster on a motorcycle ride can be a scary thought. But if you have children, the question will arise sooner than you think.

The good news is that it is an alternative available! A motorcycle ride can be a fun family activity if you take the proper precautions. We’re here to help you with these simple suggestions for keeping your child safe while riding on your bike.

A Child’s Legal Age To Ride On A Motorcycle

The age when a child can legally ride on the back of a motorcycle depends primarily on where you live. One of the factors to consider is also the child’s height. In some states when your child’s feet touch the passenger footings, they will be able to ride.

You must be aware of the motorcycle laws, rules, and regulations in your state. Make sure to follow the recommendations of a motorcycle company for the safety equipment for your motorcycle. But it should also think about whether the general conditions are considered safe. When deciding whether it’s safe to ride a motorcycle with a passenger, whether a child or an adult, it’s best to use your good judgment. 

Wearing The Proper Helmet

The first safety precaution you must take is to make sure your child is wearing a proper helmet. This means you’ll need to buy a helmet for your child that fits. Giving your child an adult-sized helmet is completely inadequate. You should be aware that a too-large helmet will almost certainly fall off in the event of a crash.

Purchase a child’s helmet that fits snugly on the child’s head. Experts advise choosing a helmet with a full-face helmet with a chin bar. Kids will usually complain at first, but don’t let them fasten the chin strap too loosely.

Kid-Friendly Riding Clothing

The child isn’t going to fit in your old riding jacket, but they still need the same protective gear as you. Finding good quality riding gear in child sizes can be a little difficult, but safety is crucial.

They should wear leather or heavyweight denim that fully covers their arms and legs, but it is also comfortable. Also, you should find them a pair of decent children’s riding gloves and some riding boots that cover their ankles. Don’t worry, a quick search on the internet will turn up some companies that sell riding clothing for children.

The Proper Riding Position

Now when a child has the proper equipment, you are confronted with a larger problem. How is the child going to ride? Putting a child in front of you is a bad idea for a bunch of reasons and it’s also illegal. 

So it will sit behind you. This brings up the issue of control. A child, particularly a small child, can easily fall off. So you need to make sure that the seat is attached firmly to yours. And for added security, look for passenger belts with handholds to keep the child secure. The belts are particularly practical when riding with younger children who find it difficult to hold on.

Responsibly In A First Place

Make sure your child is familiar with motorcycle safety before going on their first ride. It is your responsibility to explain them in simplified terms. Explain to them that they should remain calm and steady while holding on to you as tightly as possible. They should also make sure their feet are on the footpegs and keep their legs away from the muffler. 

Try a short trip down the block or around an empty parking lot for their first ride. Go slow. Their first ride may be boring to you, but it will be thrilling to them. Always follow the basic road rules. This is especially important when you have a child as a passenger. Don’t forget that different states have specific rules for riding motorcycles with children.

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