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Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus Presents Circus Xtreme

We attended as a guest of the circus


The Circus is in town; the Circus is in town! Yes, I am slightly excited.




My family and I had such an amazing time last year that we decided to make the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus a family tradition. When they are in town, we will go. This year’s tour is called Circus Xtreme. It showcases a bunch of acts that are sure to give the audience a huge dose of extreme excitement. I know my whole family thought it did just that.




When you go, you can view the animals before the show. This year we missed it because the traffic was horrible. If you plan to go to this make sure you check the traffic reports to be sure you do not need to leave extra early to get there on time.




Thankfully my kids were not too disappointed, and we made it just in time to go to the Pre-Show Party where everyone was invited to go onto the arena floor and be up close to some circus acts.




This year they even had a huge blow-up bounce house with a big slide. You might be asked to participate in some of the acts. My 8-year-old was picked first to go walk on a tightrope. He said it was fun, and though it was not far off the ground, his legs trembled a little because it felt as thought he was higher up. You will also get to see an Elephant paint a picture. You can win in a drawing at the end of the show.




After the pre-show, we decided to go to the concession stands and grab some food. You will not have much time to do this because the show starts a few minutes after the pre-show. If you do not mind missing a few minutes of the show, then it is not a big deal. If you do not want to miss anything, I highly suggest getting food before the end of the pre-show.




The Ringmaster David Shipman leads Children of All Ages on a journey told in a story form with all the acts. You will go across the seven seas and be able to see all the extreme wonders they have found.




The first act consisted of two-humped Bactrian Camels with beautiful Mongolian Cossack Riders. They were all led to do certain stunts and tricks by the animal trainer. They hung off the sides of the camels and also rode in great forms. It was fun to watch and was warming us up for more great sights.




After this, the circus clowns came out to do a little show while the Tight Rope Walkers got into place on the high-wire platforms. They were introduced to us and immediately started running, jumping and walking across the high-wire. It was very impressive.




The amount of skill it takes to do the stunts they were doing is extremely high. The Danguir Troupe seriously defied gravity with their stunts on the high-wire that is over 35 feet in the air. Once they are done, you are thrust right into another amazing act.




The Human Cannonball Gemma Kirby shoots herself out of a giant cannon. She is the youngest female Cannonball for Ringling Bros. She is not only a great Human Cannonball, but she is also a great dancer and an accomplished Trapeze Artist. Once she is safely on the airbag after being shot across the Arena, she dances around for a short number. I could not help notice this was right before a Trapeze act.





Every part of the show flowed together nicely. The Mongolian Marvels were up next, and they did not disappoint. They had mesmerizing acts of flexibility and strength with the Strongmen and Contortionists. They did this eight-person human pyramid that weighed over 800 pounds. It was truly an amazing sight to see.





Once their act ended, we were entertained by a group of Character clowns until The Elephants came out. I understand this part of the show is hard to watch for many, but being as it is part of the show, and my 2-year-old is obsessed with Elephants we watched. He was in heaven, and I think this may have been his favorite part of the show. It was nice that we learned some interesting Elephant facts during their show. I got to be up close to one at the pre-show, and they really are beautiful.




Right after the elephants all the previous acts came out to do a little song and dance number and then we had an intermission. This gave my kids, and I time to go back out to the different booths and purchase some goodies. Each kid got a light and an ice cold shaved ice in a cup of their choice. My husband got his favorite, which is popcorn. We were now all set to go watch more amazing acts.


The part that stood out right away after intermission was the band. They played some new songs that my kids recognized and they were singing along as they watched the clowns do an act before the Sirens Of The Sea came out. They did a beautiful aerial ballet above while Alex and Irina did a little act below. This was very beautiful and I could not stop staring at the costumes. I loved the Mermaids. I am not sure my kids appreciated this part as much as I did, but they sat still watching.


Once the aerial stunts were done, you quickly turned and were thrust into a high-energy daredevil act performed by Benny Ibarra. This part of the show had the most oohs and aahs of all. It was really spectacular.


Watching him on this giant spinning wheel 50 feet above the arena floor was very heart stopping. As if being in the wheel was not enough he then went on the outside and ran and jumped over it and then he even jump ropes. My husband and kids loved Benny and really wished his act was longer.


Up next was Taba The Tiger Tamer. You could tell he has a really good relationship with his Tigers. They did some fun tricks and at the end one of his tigers gives him some sugar (a kiss) my kids enjoyed this part. He also gave a big roar that Taba captured in a jar that the clowns fumbled around and got it mixed up with different jars.


Once they let the roar out of the original jar, Alex and Irina came out with their poodles and did some tricks. The dogs jumped over one another and walked on two legs. This was cute,but not our favorite part of the show. This part of the show led to my 8-year-old’s absolute favorite part of the whole show. The Art On Trampoline troupe and the BMX act. This was very high energy and extreme.


We loved all the bouncing, climbing, jumping and bike tricks on the ramps. The energy was high during this whole time. All the performers came out after and the show came to a close. By this time, it was late, and we were all tired. We had so much fun and cannot wait to see what other amazing Circus Performances they will put on at their new shows.

This event is held at the Honda Center until 8/2/2015 and it will be opening in San Diego on 8/7/2015.

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