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Things to do in Orange County for OC Moms

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Rockpile Beach in Laguna Beach


Just when we thought that we had covered all of the beaches in Laguna, we discovered one that we had missed – Rockpile Beach. While we had been here a hundred times, we always thought it was part of Heisler Park (aka. Picnic Beach).


This hidden gem of Orange County is often overlooked because many of the tourists will head over to Main Beach or Picnic Beach – skipping this beach. The water is crystal clear with beautiful turquoise hues.




The only downside to this beach is that swimming is not allowed. While my kids freaked out when they saw a giant red sign telling them that no swimming was allowed in the beautiful waters below, they discovered that they were perfectly content with just “playing” in the water.



The beach is a giant tide pool. The kids were able to splash and frolic in the water while discovering all the wonderful sea creatures living in the rocks just inches away from the sandy shore.



There is so much for kids to discover on this beach that it kept my kids busy for hours climbing through caves, over giant rocks and through tide pools. While my kids could not “swim”, they were able to stay cool while basking in the beauty of the beautiful beach while gaining a new love of the animals that live along our seashore.


Where is it located? Rockpile Beach is located right in between Main Beach and Picnic Beach. It can easily be accessed right next to Las Brisas Restaurant (the corner of PCH and Cliff Drive).


What to expect: I would plan to bring shade (very limited at this beach). Bring the kid’s water shoes – they are going to want to do some serious climbing! Bring a picnic lunch/dinner when coming. The water is beautiful, and the beach is never crowded, creating a perfect place for your family to visit this summer.


Recommendation: Since the beach is very small, I always recommend coming when the tide is low. Check the tide reports before visiting to make the most out of your visit. When came when the waters were calm, and the tide was low, creating an optimal experience for our kids to enjoy this beautiful treasured gem of Orange County.


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