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Roller Blades for Women: How Are They Different from Men’s and How to Make the Right Purchase?

Roller skating is a popular activity for people of all ages. It is a great idea to exercise, and it can be done indoors or outdoors. In 2020, the number of inline wheel roller skating participants amounted to approximately 4.89 million.

There is a big difference between rollerblades for women and men. Although they may look similar, some distinct design features make rollerblades more comfortable and practical for women to use.

This article will discuss the differences between men’s and women’s rollerblades and how to buy the best roller blades women.

1) Comfortability

A woman’s feet will be more comfortable in shoes designed specifically for her. In addition, many women’s rollerblades come with extra padding to ensure maximum comfort while skating.

2) Smaller Fit

One of the main differences between rollerblades for women and men is the size. Women’s rollerblades are designed to have a smaller fit since women generally have narrower feet than men. So if you are a lady who loves skating or wants to buy some skating blades for her female companions, it’s essential to make sure you buy a pair of rollerblades designed explicitly for women to be sure they’ll fit properly.

When checking the actual size of the rollerblade, make sure it is not too big or too small. It will be difficult to control and may hurt your feet if it is too big. If it is too small, it will be uncomfortable. The best way to determine the correct size is to try them on before purchasing.

3) Frame Length

Frames of rollerblades help skaters of different sizes to find a comfortable fit. You should look for a frame length between 195mm and 220mm for adult women.

The range will provide enough stability while skating without sacrificing maneuverability. You can find the frame size stamped outside the boot below the ankle bone.

If you’re in between sizes, it’s better to go with the larger size since you can always add an extra sock or two for a snugger fit. When trying on blades, wear the socks you would typically skate in.

4) Wheel size

Compared to men’s rollerblades, women’s have smaller wheels. The most common options are 72mm and 76mm.

The size of the wheel will also affect the top speed you can reach and your ability to make quick turns. It is best to start with smaller wheels if you are a beginner since they will be easier to control.

As you become experienced, you may move up to larger wheels.

Larger wheels will also make rolling over cracks and small obstacles on the pavement easier. If you plan on doing a lot of off-road skating, you might consider getting rollerblades with larger wheels.

The final factor to consider when choosing the best rollerblades for women is the width of the blade. Like wheel size, women’s blades are narrower than men’s. The most common width for women’s blades is 22mm.

5) Added Accessories

Another difference between men’s and women’s rollerblades is the accessories that come with them. Some manufacturers add extra items to the women’s package, such as a carrying case or blade covers.

These are meant to make the skating experience more convenient for women. It depends on the buyer to decide whether or not these added items are worth the extra expense.

6) Check the Warranty and Brand

When it comes to roller blades, you want to purchase a pair from a reputable brand. A good rule of thumb is to find a brand that offers a warranty on its products. If anything goes wrong with the buying, you can quickly get it replaced or fixed.


Rollerblades are a great way to get active. However, follow the critical differences mentioned above between men’s and women’s rollerblades before purchasing.

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