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Things to do in Orange County for OC Moms

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Roly Poly Races

Roly Poly Races

Looking for something unique to do with this kids this afternoon? I’ve been working on getting our summer garden ready over the past couple of weeks, and have come across thousands of roly poly’s. What do you do with roly poly’s? Have races of course!

Roly Poly Races 2

After collecting all our roly poly’s from the garden, the kids and I, drew a race track out of chalk. We all picked out our favorite roly poly and then raced them! We spent hours of fun together laughing as our roly poly’s would walk right off the track, and cheer when one of them crossed the finish line.

Roly Poly Races 3

After having fun with the roly poly races, we found a special place in the garden for them to live together. “Casa de Roly Poly’s” is what we named it.

I hope that you enjoy spending time with your children enjoying the simpler things in life like roly poly’s. While playing this fun game with your children, expand on the activity by talking about roly poly’s. Tell your children how they play a vital role in your garden and what makes them roll into those cute little balls.

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