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Romanesco and Bacon Quiche Recipe

After roasting some fresh romanesco that I had received from Melissa’s Produce, I was excited to make something delicious for my family. With breakfast being one of our favorite meals of the day, I decided to make a romanesco and bacon quiche. And, it was delicious.

Romanesco and Bacon Quiche

If you’re not familiar with romanesco, it is a delicious vegetable. My kids are always fascinated with how it looks, and that makes them want to eat more of it. It is often served in pastas or as a side dish. You can find the freshest romanesco online or at a retailer that sells Melissa’s Produce.

Simple quiche recipe

Romanesco and Bacon Quiche Recipe

Melissa's Produce Quiche

The dish is super simple to make. Plus, it is great to bring to your next girlfriend get together or to serve to your kids on a weekend morning. To really indulge in this dish, you should make sure you have the appropriate cutlery. Often utensils can influence a particular food’s taste, and in this case, the food is already delicious, but you just want to enhance it, so you should consider getting sterling silver cutlery. Place the quiche and other side dishes on the table, set the table with the cutlery, and enjoy dinner or lunch together, whether you are with your family or partner.

You can either make it with raw romanesco our with roasted romanesco. The quiche is packed full of nutrition, and will fuel your kids learning throughout the day. Plus, your kids are guaranteed to love it, even your picky eaters who don’t like eating vegetables (they won’t even know there are veggies inside).


Ingredients for Romanesco and bacon quiche recipe

6 Eggs
1 Head of Romanesco from Melissa’s Produce (raw or roasted)
3 Slices of cooked bacon (chopped)
1/4 Cup Gruyere cheese
1 Pie crust
Salt and Pepper


I normally make my own pie crust, but the store bought crust is just as good. This past weekend, I was too tired, and decided to go ahead with using a store bought crust.

1. First, chop the romanesco into small pieces. Then, cook the bacon, and chop the bacon into small pieces.

cutting Romanesco

2. Next, use a whisk to blend the eggs.

How to make a quiche

3. In the pie crust, add the romanesco, bacon, and then the eggs.

Romanesco quiche

Quiche recipe using Melissa's Produce

4. Top it with the salt and pepper. Then, the cheese.

Vegetable quiche recipes

5. Bake at 375 for 45 minutes.

Melissa's Produce Quiche

6. Enjoy!

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