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Ron Funches Brings Sharzod to Life in Home: Adventures with Tip & Oh

We attended the interview as a guest of Netflix

Sharzod in Home

Home: Adventures with Tip & Oh is a hilarious new comedy series that is now available to stream on Netflix. Last month, we were given a unique opportunity to visit the DreamWorks Animation Studios were we talked with Ryan Crego (Show Runner) and Ron Funches (voice of Sharzod) on bringing the sassy and hilarious character, Sharzod to life in the animated series.

Learning about Home at DreamWorks Animation

Crego had been working on the show for over two years. He came on when they were just finishing the last movie, so he had a lot to reference. “I’ve been at DreamWorks my whole career. I grew up here. I feel like this was my school, my home, and my family. I was lucky that Home had such great characters to work with. We had a lot of material to work with,” said Crego.

DreamWorks Animation

Crego loved working with Funches. Funches character, Sharzod, is a fun and sassy space alien. “In my life, I like to play fun, sweet character who are a little bit weird and out there. It was a chance to be wild, emotional and more feminine. It was interesting to play a lady, and that was fun for me. I get to be sassy. I grew-up in a house full of strong, sassy women who didn’t take crap from anyone, were very confident in themselves, and that is how I feel about Sharzod.

Party with Sharzod in Home

The best part of working in animation for Funches is getting to wear his Pj’s to work. He has done voice over work for Bob’s Burgers, Adventure Time, and in the upcoming movie Trolls. “I do emotions and stuff to stay in character. They let me improvise and throw in a lot of my own jokes when I get into character which makes it more fun than work,” said Funches.

“We do our best to get them all in a room together so they can feel each other’s emotions. Ron embodies Sharzod. We want to collaborate with the actors to find something fun together. Everyone get to own their own part in the show, and it elevates in the end.” Ryan Crego

Ron Funches in Home

“Ron brings the funniest stuff,” said Crego Then Funches added, “I took their base and would build on it. It makes the show pop out more. I love the movie, and I think the movie is very sweet. The show has a wide range of humor that speaks to everyone.”

Don’t miss seeing Ron Funches as Sharzod in Home: Adventures with Tip & Oh on Netflix.

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